Alfred B. Engelberg

Alfred Engelberg

The Center is named for Alfred B. Engelberg, a 1965 cum laude graduate of NYU School of Law, who has enjoyed an unusually varied career in the field of intellectual property. A chemical engineer trained at Drexel University (1961), he has worked in every aspect of patent law: as a patent examiner (1961), a patent agent (1962-1965), a patent attorney in the Justice Department (1965-1968), a member of a law firm (1969-1985), and a representative for the generic pharmaceutical industry. He has represented such clients as Exxon Research & Engineering, Bausch & Lomb, Celanese, Christian Dior, Coach Leatherware, Engelhardt Corp., Gulf + Western, Ralph Lauren, the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association, and Schein Pharmaceuticals. He was a principal negotiator during the legislative process that led to the Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984 (the “Hatch-Waxman Act”) and the 1988 Omnibus Trade Bill’s provisions on process patents. It is, perhaps, because Engelberg’s own perspectives on intellectual property are so broad that he saw the need to encourage fundamental research and critical thinking on innovation law and policy. In 1994, he made the commitment to create and support a Center on innovation at NYU School of Law.