2018 Workshop

Patent Law

Christopher Beauchamp, Brooklyn Law School
Repealing Patents
Commentator: Rochelle Dreyfuss, NYU School of Law

Janet Freilich, Fordham University School of Law
Prophetic Patents
Commentator: Michael Burstein, Cardozo School of Law and McKinsey

IP and Competition

Scott Hemphill, NYU School of Law
Less Competition, Less Confusion: When Do Trademark Settlements Violate Antitrust Law?
Commentator: Jeremy Sheff, St. John’s University School of Law

Christina Mulligan, Brooklyn Law School
Licenses and the Property/Contract Interface
Commentator: Jason Schultz, NYU School of Law

Design Protection

Christopher Buccafusco, Cardozo School of Law
Intelligent Design (with Mark Lemley, Stanford Law School, and Jonathan Masur, University of Chicago Law School)
Commentator: David Abrams, University of Pennsylvania Law School and The Wharton School

Mala Chatterjee, NYU School of Law
Conceptual Separability as Conceivability: A Philosophical Analysis of the Useful Articles Doctrine

Knowledge Commons

Aman Gebru, Cardozo School of Law
Intellectual Property and Bioprospecting: A Model Legal Framework
Commentator: Gaia Bernstein, Seton Hall Law School

IP Theory

Irina Manta, Hofstra Maurice A. Deane School of Law
Explaining Criminal Sanctions in Intellectual Property Law
Commentator: Brian Lee, Brooklyn Law School

Shyam Balganesh, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Excerpts from Copyright as Law
Commentator: Christopher Sprigman, NYU School of Law