2016 Workshop

Patent Law: The 19th Century and Today

Steven Wilf, University of Connecticut School of Law
(Re-)Contextualizing Intellectual Property: Patent Social Conflict and Social Practice in Late 19th Century America
Commentator: Christopher Beauchamp, Brooklyn Law School

Ari Waldman, New York Law School
Information Diffusion in Patent Law
Commentator: Christina Mulligan, Brooklyn Law School

Copyright Law

Christopher Buccafusco, Cardozo School of Law
A Theory of Copyright Authorship
Commentator: Shyam Balganesh, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Eva Subotnik, St. John’s University School of Law
Artistic Control After Death
Commentator: Brett Frischmann, Cardozo School of Law

Institutions and Rhetorical Framing in Intellectual Property

Rochelle Dreyfuss, NYU School of Law
Economic Espionage as Reality or Rhetoric: Equating Trade Secrecy with National Security (with Orly Lobel)
Commentator: Michael Risch, Villanova University School of Law

Gregory Mandel, Temple Law School
Congress Versus the Supreme Court: Intellectual Property Conflict and Majoritarian Democracy
Commentator: Christopher Sprigman, NYU School of Law

Patent Litigation

Gaia Bernstein, Seton Hall University School of Law
The End User's Predicament: Standing in Patent Litigation
Commentator: Michael Burstein, Cardozo School of Law

Jacob Sherkow, New York Law School
Patent Litigation, Patent Regulation:  A Framework
Commentator: Scott Hemphill, NYU School of Law

Trademark Law

Irina Manta, Hofstra Law
Commentator: Jeremy Sheff, St. John’s University School of Law