2011 Workshop

Horace Anderson, Jr, Pace Law School
No Bitin’ Allowed: A Hip-Hop Copying Paradigm for All of Us

Mark Bartholomew, University at Buffalo Law School
A Right Is Born: Celebrity, Property, and Postmodern Lawmaking

Oskar Liivak, Cornell University Law School
Incentives & Indecision in Patent Law

Amy Kapczynski, UC Berkeley Law School
Bhaven Sampat, Columbia School of Public Health
Polymorphs and Prodrugs and Salts (oh my!): An Empirical Analysis of “Secondary” Pharmaceutical Patents

Jeremy Sheff, St. John’s University School of Law
Veblen Brands and Invisible Hands: How Trademarks Create a Market for Suppressed Speech

Brett Frischmann, Cardozo Law School
Intergenerational Progress

James Grimmelmann, New York Law School
A Bridge Too Far?: Google Books and the Limits of Class-Action Settlements