International Intellectual Property Law Roundtable

International Intellectual Property Law Roundtable
NYU School of Law
April 7-8, 2017
Lipton Hall
108 West 3rd Street


Friday, April 7th

Breakfast: 8:00-8:50am

Welcome: 8:50-9:00am

1. Trademarks  9:00-11:40am
Moderator: Barton Beebe
Christine Farley:
Reflections on Bayer v. Belmora
Martin Senftleben: Extending Article 6ter of the Paris Convention to Signs with Cultural Significance – Nonsense or Necessity?
Lisa Ramsey: Nontraditional Trademarks and Inherently Valuable Expression
Marketa Trimble: Territorialization of the Internet Domain Name System

Break: 11:40-11:55am

2. IP and Development I 11:55-1:15pm
Moderator: Aman Gebru
Ruth Okediji: International Copyright Limitations and Exceptions as Development Policy
Margo Bagley: Illegal Designs? The Draft Design Law Treaty and Disclosure of Origin Requirements

Lunch: 1:15-2:00pm

3. IP and Development II 2:00-3:20pm
Moderator: Katherine Strandburg
Maggie Chon: Trademark Goodwill as a Public Good: Brands and Corporate Social Responsibility
Jorge Contreras: Working Theories: Rationalizing Global 'Use It or Lose It' Property Rules

Break: 3:20-3:35pm

4. IP and Human Rights  3:35-4:55pm
Moderator: Christopher Sprigman
Molly Land: The Marrakesh Treaty and the Geography of Human Rights and Intellectual Property
Christophe Geiger: Copyright as Private Censorship? How to reconcile free artistic creation with copyright law in an international and regional legal context

Saturday, April 8th

Breakfast: 8:30-9:30am

5. IP and Trade  9:30-11:30pm
Moderator: Annemarie Hassett
Keith Maskus: Intellectual Property-Related Preferential Trade Agreements and the Composition of Trade
Irene Calboli: Exhaustion and Trade
Susy Frankel: It’s Raining Carrots: The Trajectory of Increased Intellectual Property Protection

Break 11:30-11:55am

6. Trade Secrets  11:55-1:15pm
Moderator: Rochelle Dreyfuss
Sharon Sandeen:
EU Trade Secrecy Directive
Nari Lee: The Problematic Object and Purpose of Trade Secret Protection

Lunch: 1:15-2:00pm

7. Enforcement  2:00-4:00pm
Moderator: Irene Calboli
Daniel Gervais: Reflections on Lilly v. Canada  
Peter Yu: Crossfertilizing ISDS with TRIPS
Mary LaFrance: International Choice of Law and the Right of Publicity

Dhannay Cadillo
Graeme Dinwoodie
Paul Goldstein
Leah Grinvald
Margot Kaminski
Marshall Leaffer
Ed Lee
Lisa Ouellette
Argyri Panezi