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Engelberg Center Events

Our Engelberg Center Live! podcast contains audio from new events as well as events from the past:

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Twelfth Annual Tri-State Region IP Workshop

January 14, 2022
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The Twelfth Annual Tri-State Region IP Workshop of the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy at NYU School of Law will take place on Friday, January 14, 2022. The one-day conference will bring together intellectual property scholars from the tri-state region to present their works in progress for discussion in a workshop environment.

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Fake Symposium - POSTPONED

November 11 & 12, 2021

The Fake Symposium has been postponed indefinitely as a result of COVID-19.  We hope to reschedule the event once in-person events can be held responsibly.  Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on twitter for the latest information.

While the law is often forced to make binary distinctions between what is real and what is fake, that distinction can be much more fluid in broader society. The Fake Symposium explores the distinction between the real and the fake in a number of different contexts, and how well that understanding in the legal context maps on to societal expectations.


You can learn more about previous Engelberg Center events on our past events page.



The Engelberg Center also hosts the Innovation Policy Colloquium, a unique event focusing each spring on different aspects of the law's role in promoting creativity, invention, and new technology.

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