Former PCCE Student Fellows

Every year since 2014, outstanding students have been selected as Fellows of the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement, providing them with unparalleled expertise in corporate compliance and enforcement through research and writing opportunities, participation in our invitation-only events, and interaction with leading practitioners.

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Scott Turtur headshot


Scott Turtur, J.D./M.B.A, Hyundai-Kia Motors Scholar, Class of 2023






Headshot of Katie Zavadski

Katie Zavadski, Class of 2023









Alec Abitbol, Class of 2022

Headshot of Paula Y. Ajumobi

Paula Ajumobi, Class of 2022







Jonathan Cohen headshot

Jonathan Cohen, Class of 2022








Logan Cotton headshot

Logan Cotton, Class of 2022





Gary Dreyer, PCCE Student Fellow, headshot

Gary Dreyer, Class of 2022






Headshot of Jeremiah Evans

Jeremiah Evans, Class of 2022







Headshot of Caitlin McCarey

Caitlin McCarey, Class of 2022  







Headshot of Nobuyuki Katsu

Nobuyuki Katsu, L.LM, Class of 2022







Headshot of Julia Lavigne Ribeiro

Julia Lavigne Ribeiro, L.LM, Class of 2022







Headshot of Eduardo Lemos

Eduardo Lemos, L.LM candidate, Class of 2022







Maggie Shields, Class of 2022

Headshot of Sabrina Solow

Sabrina Solow, Class of 2022








William Walant headshot

William Walant, Class of 2022







Dominic Budetti headshot

Dominic Budetti '21







Jason Kelly headshot

Jason Kelly '21







Seth Massey headshot

Seth Massey '21







Caitlin McCarey, Class of 2021

Antonia Miller headshot

Antonia Miller '21





Cara Ortiz headshot

Cara Ortiz '21







Benjamin Shack Sackler headshot

Benjamin Shack Sackler '21








Stephanie Shaffer headshot

Stephanie Shaffer '21







Eduardo Schneider headshot

Eduardo Schneider '21








Bailey Springer headshot

Bailey Springer '21







Lucian Wang headshot

Lucian Wang '21







Benjamin Winter headshot

Benjamin Winter '21






Karen S. Zwickel headshot

Karen S. Zwickel '21








Jessica Allen headshot

Jessica Allen '20






Guilherme Donega '20

Kate Ghotbi '20

Molly Henneberry headshot

Molly Henneberry '20






Denyse Mathiesen headshot

Denyse Mathiesen '20





Headshot of Yelena Niazyan


Yelena Niazyan '20




Kristen Proe headshot


Kristen Proe '20





Headshot of Jonathan Silverstone

Jonathan Silverstone '20






Brian Umana headshot


Brian Umana, L.LM., '20





Headshot of Griffin Varner

Griffin Varner '20






Felix Zhang headshot


Felix Zhang '20





Headshot of Deepa Devanathan

Deepa Devanathan '19






Headshot of Sam BielerSamuel Bieler '19





Headshot of Faith Dibble

Faith Dibble '19





Headshot of Penelope Hamilton

Penelope Hamilton '19





Headshot of Brian Gottlieb

Brian Gottlieb '19





Headshot of Laura Kaufmann

Laura Kaufmann '19





Joshua Pirutinsky headshot


Joshua Pirutinsky '19




Headshot of Michael Rebuck

Michael Rebuck '19






Headshot of Courtney Seager


Courtney Seager '19






Headshot of Katherine Stein

Katherine Stein '19







Headshot of Sara Bodner

Sara Bodner '18






Headshot of Tony Cheng

Tony Cheng '18





Jason Driscoll, Class of 2018

Headshot of Ashley Martin

Ashley Martin '18





Headshot of Natalie Noble

Natalie Noble '18






Headshot of Alice Phillips


Alice Phillips '18




Headshot of Erica WeinerErica Weiner '18






Headshot of Theodore Galanakis

Theodore Galanakis '17






Headshot of Ben Gitlin

Ben Gitlin '17




Headshot of Sarah Higgins

Sarah Higgins '17




Naveen Jayaraman '17

 Headshot of Jessica LepperJessica Lepper '17 

Headshot of Meredith Nelson

Meredith Nelson '17




Katya Roze '17

Headshot of Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders '17



Headshot of Carmi Schickler

Carmi Schickler '17




Headshot of Peter Varlan

Peter Varlan '17




Headshot of Breck WilmotBreck Wilmot '17



Miriam Furst '16

Rahul Hari '16

Jack Neff '16

Ryan Rakower '16

Stephanie Spies '16

Cristina Vasile '16

Susan Wang '16



Jerry Goldsmith '15

Max Rodriguez '15

Tim Sprague '15

Noah Susskind '15

Adam Crider '15

Stephen Thompson '15