Supporting Law School Success

NYU Law admitted women long before most other law schools, graduating its first female graduates in 1892—less than 20 years after the Supreme Court upheld an Illinois law barring women from practicing law and 25 years before women got the right to vote in New York. The BWLN is committed to ensuring that this Law School remains a leader in supporting women in the law. To this end, the BWLN is engaged in the following initiatives:   


Under the guidance of Professor Florencia Marotta-Wurgler ’01, the BWLN conducts empirical research to identify obstacles to women’s success in the legal field and potential avenues for improvement.

Women’s Leadership Development Goals

In collaboration with the Law Women student group, the BWLN is identifying a set of goals for women’s representation and advancement at the Law School, and asking students, faculty, and administrators to commit to working to meet those objectives. These objectives are being developed in conversation with NYU Law faculty and students, who are best situated to highlight existing strengths and opportunities for institutional growth.

Partnerships with Centers & Student Organizations

In addition to its own leadership training, research, and other initiatives, the BWLN encourages input from and collaborates with a number of student groups, including the Women of Color Collective and Law Women. While these groups operate independently and maintain their own active events calendar and resources for the NYU Law community, the BWLN views them as partners in supporting women at the Law School and beyond. The BWLN offers guidance on select programs and consults with these groups when planning its own events and initiatives to best serve the women students of NYU Law. Through financial and logistical support, the BWLN also ensures that women at NYU Law can attend leadership development opportunities around the country, including the Ms. JD annual conference.

Law Women

Law Women exists to promote the success of women in the legal field, and to advocate for women’s rights locally and globally.

Law Women accomplishes its mission in a variety of ways, both within the NYU Law community and more broadly, including by providing educational support and advice to law students; facilitating professional connections and mentorship opportunities with NYU alumnae and the broader legal community through networking events and professional development panels; organizing community service opportunities and collaborating with student groups; and advocating for women’s rights on the national and international stages, actively bringing attention on campus to important issues women face in the world today.

Read “Law Women provides opportunities for students to pursue professional and advocacy interests” from the NYU Law website.

Women of Color Collective (WoCC)

The Women of Color Collective (WoCC) was created to provide a supportive space for women of color students at NYU Law. Through supportive networking, public education, and collective initiatives, WoCC seeks to advance the needs of women of color and thereby enrich the educational experience at the Law School.
WoCC believes it can serve as a critical resource to the law school community through support and mentorship, by facilitating monthly meetings for group discussion of critical issues and/or social events to promote interaction and mentorship between women of color at the Law School; education, by planning annual or biannual symposia open to the Law School on current topics relevant to the experience of women of color—specific either to the legal community or to women of color generally; and activism, by working with existing student groups to increase faculty of color recruitment and student of color admissions, to incorporate critical perspectives into class discussions, and to expand course offerings.