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On-Campus Recruiting Programs

Law firms and employers from across the country and around the world are invited to visit New York University School of Law to recruit our students. On-campus interviews are generally not pre-screened and scheduled on the basis of students' preferred selections through a lottery.

Approximately 650 private law firms, public interest organizations, government agencies, corporations, banks and public accounting firms join us to interview our students. Typically, the interviewers come from more than 30 states and countries around the globe.



2L, 3L & Tax/International Tax LLM Students
September 12 - October 28, 2022

The Fall OCI Program supplements the EIW program. Most employers who participate in OCI are corporations or mid-sized and smaller U.S. law firms that do not participate in EIW. Interviews with private sector employers are assigned through a lottery, based on students' ranked preferences.

Employer Registration:

OCI Registration

Employers participating in OCI must use our on-line registration program Symplicity. If you do not yet have a Symplicity account, please create one by visiting: Upon receipt of an email that your account has been created, simply login to Symplicity to register. Since Fall and Spring OCI dates are assigned on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis, employers planning to interview during the earlier part of our program are encouraged to register at their earliest convenience.

Questions may be directed to Cassandre Stump at


1L, 2L, 3L & Tax/International Tax LLM Students
January - March 2023

Employer Registration:

1. Go to our password-protected OCI registration site through Symplicity:
2. Upon selecting the OCI tab on the left-hand side of the page, click the Schedule Request button.
3. Click on the Request Schedule button and follow the steps to submit your request.
* Please complete the on-line registration at least four weeks prior to your intended visit.

January 27, 2023

NYU School of Law hosts this consortium program (ISIP) on campus with LL.M. students from 33 law schools. This program provides foreign-trained lawyers pursuing graduate degrees in the US with the opportunity to be considered for internships and permanent positions worldwide with over 160 US and foreign employers. This program is 100 percent pre-screened by employers, who select students based on language skills, legal qualifications, and experience.

Employer Registration: Questions may be directed to Clara Solomon at

Pre-Season Employment Program (PEP)
June 2023

PEP is a pilot program for 2L recruiting and is available exclusively to firms that are registered to interview 2Ls at EIW. NYU Law 2Ls may apply to a maximum of five PEP firms. OCS counselors will work with students to select PEP firms that conform to their academic record, experience, practice area interests and goals. PEP is purely optional for both EIW employers and our students; it is meant to supplement EIW, which remains our cornerstone program. Many students and employers may elect to wait for EIW as their primary recruiting option. PEP employers will receive their applicant packets, and may contact PEP applicants through the deadline to schedule interviews, which can be held through mid-July.

July 2023

Employer Interview Week (EIW), remains the cornerstone of NYU Law's recruiting programs and is the most effective method to recruit NYU Law talent. EIW is the largest JD recruitment program of the year for 2L and 3L students. Approximately 350+ employers interview for summer or full-time positions. Students typically participate in an average of 21 interviews over the course of three days during this intensive program. Approximately 130 firms interview each day with approximately 7,000 interviews scheduled overall. This program will be held virtually.

Employer Recruiting Guidelines/Timing (PDF 762kb)