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COVID-19 Updates for Students

Information for Spring 2022

Remotely Accessible Classes

All courses will be remotely accessible from the first day of classes, January 18, 2022, through January 28, 2022. Individual instructors will have the discretion to teach their courses entirely remotely or in the hybrid mode during the first two weeks of the semester. Course-specific information about instructional mode for individual classes from January 18 to January 28 is available on the Academics important announcements page

For the first two weeks of the semester, all courses will be accessible by Zoom for any student who wishes to attend their classes that way.

Beginning January 31, Law School courses will return to in-person instruction. In-person attendance will be required. However, especially with COVID rates as high as they are, it is important for students to know that, as was the case last semester, exceptions to the in-person attendance requirement will be made in circumstances of genuine necessity. Those circumstances include where COVID quarantine protocols forbid in-person attendance, and where the Moses Center has approved reasonable accommodations related to a medical condition.

Beyond the first two weeks of the semester, any student seeking to participate in their classes remotely (or any other academic accommodation) due to a medical condition or disability should reach out to the Moses Center as soon as possible to explore what options are available. Through the Moses Center, accommodations and other related services are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration each student's disability-related needs and their academic program requirements. To learn how to start an online application for academic accommodations and schedule a meeting with an Accessibility Specialist, please visit the Moses Center's Academic Accommodations page.

Attendance Expectations

Students* will be expected to attend all Spring 2022 Law classes in person beginning January 31. Exceptions to the requirement of full in-person class participation will be limited to narrow circumstances of genuine necessity, such as where visa or COVID-related travel restrictions make physical presence on campus impossible, or where COVID quarantine protocols forbid such presence. In such circumstances, students unable to attend class in person will be permitted to participate in class remotely and synchronously via Zoom.

If ill for non-COVID reasons, students should inform their instructors as they would in non-COVID times. Instructors may allow students feeling unwell for non-COVID reasons to participate remotely and synchronously via Zoom, or they may provide access to a recording or help ensure access to a classmate’s notes. Each instructor has the discretion to determine which approach is best for their class.

*Students participating in part-time or executive education programs at NYU Law who wish to come to campus for class or any other reason must upload proof of vaccination at least two weeks prior to their first day on campus in order to ensure continued access. Students enrolled in online-only programming, such as the online Tax program, who do not plan to come to campus for any reason are not required to provide proof of vaccination.

Boosters and Mask Requirements
  • Proof that you received your COVID-19 booster is required for everyone at NYU by January 18, 2022. Receiving your booster and wearing your mask when indoors are two of the most effective measures you can take to protect yourself and your community.
  • All members of the NYU community are required to wear face coverings at all times while indoors. Face coverings must cover both mouth and nose.
  • Acceptable masks for the spring semester include:
    • Disposable masks (surgical or medical procedure masks)
    • KN95 masks
    • KF94 masks
    • N95 masks
  • At this time, everyone should consider double-masking or a higher-grade mask, such as a KN95 or KF94. Using a cloth mask over a disposable mask improves the fit and adds layers. 
  • Masks that are not acceptable:
    • Masks with one-way valves or vents
    • Bandanas, scarves, and face coverings made with other repurposed clothing items.
    • Cloth masks, unless being used as a second layer over a disposable mask.
  • More detailed information about mask requirements (including specifications about types of face coverings and their proper use) are available on the University’s Masks and PPE page.
Eating Spaces

Please follow the University policy on eating and drinking on campus.

Student Support

Student support is a top priority. Administrators and staff are available to counsel and advise students. Student-facing administrative offices will maintain operations during regular business hours and students should feel free to drop by, to call to make an appointment, or to email with their questions and concerns. In-person meetings will need to follow safety guidelines, so NYU employees and students must wear face coverings. Additionally, appointments and other services will be available via Zoom.

Activities and Events

Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in the NYU community, no NYU-sponsored events, meetings, or gatherings are permitted on or off-campus until further notice. The latest information about in-person events can be found on the University's Events and Gatherings page