COVID-19 Updates for Students

Information for Fall 2021

Attendance Expectations
  • Students* are expected to attend all Law classes in person. Exceptions to the requirement of full in-person class participation will be limited to narrow circumstances of genuine necessity, such as where visa or COVID-related travel restrictions make physical presence on campus impossible, or where COVID quarantine protocols forbid such presence. In such circumstances, students unable to attend class in person will be permitted to participate in class remotely and synchronously via Zoom.
  • If ill for non-COVID reasons, students should inform their instructors as they would in non-COVID times. Instructors may allow students feeling unwell for non-COVID reasons to participate remotely and synchronously via Zoom, or they may provide access to a recording or help ensure access to a classmate’s notes. Each instructor has the discretion to determine which approach is best for their class.
  • Because our community includes a significant number of international students, many Fall 2021 Law classes may need to begin in the hybrid mode. Students enrolled in such courses who do not fit the narrow exception criteria noted in the first bullet above will not be entitled to participate remotely.
  • Any student seeking to participate in their classes remotely (or any other academic accommodation) due to a medical condition or disability is encouraged to reach out to the Moses Center as soon as possible to explore what options are available. Through the Moses Center, accommodations and other related services are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration each student's disability-related needs and their academic program requirements. To learn how to start an online application for academic accommodations and schedule a meeting with an Accessibility Specialist, please visit the Moses Center's Academic Accommodations page.

*Students participating in part-time or executive education programs at NYU Law who wish to come to campus for class or any other reason must upload proof of vaccination at least two weeks prior to their first day on campus in order to ensure continued access. Students enrolled in online-only programming, such as the online Tax program, who do not plan to come to campus for any reason are not required to provide proof of vaccination.

Student Support

Student support is a top priority. Administrators and staff are available to counsel and advise students. Student-facing administrative offices will maintain operations during regular business hours and students should feel free to drop by, to call to make an appointment, or to email with their questions and concerns. In-person meetings will need to follow safety guidelines, so NYU employees and students must wear face coverings. Additionally, appointments and other services may be available via Zoom.

  • In Fall 2021, all extracurricular events and gatherings are being evaluated against COVID-19 safety and health concerns, with due consideration given as to their timing and whether they must be conducted in person. All University and Law School events, meetings, and gatherings—whether on or off campus—must comply with University requirements. Please note that, for the time being, visitors from outside the NYU community are not permitted to participate in in-person events, meetings, and gatherings, with rare exceptions. Additionally, all in-person gatherings should be limited to 2 hours or fewer, and eating and drinking indoors at gatherings is not permitted.
  • Students should check with the Office of Student Affairs at to determine which meetings and activities can take place in person.
  • We very much look forward to the relaxation of these restrictions as the course of the virus makes it safe to do so.
Residence Hall Guest Policy

The guest policy has been suspended for all residential students. Access will be restricted to residents of Law School housing, prohibiting non-NYU guests and non-residential students. Should the policy change, we will let our students know immediately.