Looking Ahead to Fall 2021

Looking ahead to the next academic year, we are currently planning for a return to fully in-person, on-campus classes at NYU Law in Fall 2021, with the concomitant goal of resuming full, pre-pandemic operations, access to academic resources, and in-person campus activities and gatherings simultaneously or soon thereafter. 

Our plans for the fall are based, among other factors, on the growing availability of vaccines, the lack of evidence of transmission in the classroom setting, the declared intention of other civic institutions—such as public school systems—to resume in-person operations, and the general consensus among public health officials that this is a reasonable aim. 

We will continue to make the health and safety of all NYU Law community members the principal basis for our decision making.  Should conditions evolve in a way that makes a resumption of in-person instruction or operations unsafe, we will be prepared to adjust accordingly. 

While we anticipate that many COVID-related restrictions will be relaxed or modified before we convene for classes in the fall, we should all be mindful that some restrictions may continue into next academic year. 

Because some aspects of our planning necessarily remain uncertain, we will continue to provide information as our plans develop and clarify wherever possible.  We are committed to moving forward thoughtfully, deliberately, and with the best interests of our community in mind.

Our Physical Return in Fall 2021

Return to fully in-person classes for all faculty and students beginning September 1, 2021

  • Plans are based on an expectation that density restrictions will be relaxed or lifted before classes convene.
  • COVID-related health and safety measures, such as face coverings and routine testing, may continue to be required next academic year. 
  • NYU intends to require COVID vaccinations for all NYU students returning to campus in New York City and other US sites for the fall semester, while accommodating medical and religious exemptions.  More detailed communications on this requirement will follow from the University, but for now, please visit the University’s FAQ on the vaccine requirement.
  • Exceptions to the requirement of full in-person class participation will be limited to narrow circumstances of genuine necessity, such as where visa or COVID-related travel restrictions make physical presence on campus impossible, or where COVID quarantine protocols forbid such presence. 
  • We are making additional technology updates so that more of our classrooms are accessible remotely, if conditions require.

 Semester scheduling

  • We will return to a traditional (pre-COVID) course and block schedule.
  • Our academic year will comprise two semesters each consisting of 13 weeks of classes, with a week-long Spring Break.
  • Fall and Spring course schedules will be released early next week.
  • The first cycle of Fall 2021 Registration will begin June 21 and close June 30.
  • The first day of classes will be September 1. 

Student support and activities

  • Administrators and staff are available to support, counsel, and advise students.  Student-facing administrative offices will maintain fully in-person operations during regular business hours.  Some appointments or services may additionally be available via Zoom.
  • We expect a substantial resumption of extracurricular in-person activities, including an Office of Student Affairs-led focus on bringing together members of the Class of 2023, many of whom we know have not met one another in person or spent time on our campus.
  • We are working with University Wellness to increase mental health resources at the Law School.
  • The Office of Student Affairs will continue to collaborate with the Student Bar Association on additional ways to support students with a particular emphasis on academic support, community building, and mental health. 

Residence halls

  • Applications are now live for students seeking on-campus housing for AY2021-2022 and for Fall 2021 only.  Please visit our On-Campus Living page for information about how to apply, COVID-related health and safety measures in our residence halls, and details on student housing rates for next academic year, which are reduced from current rates for new and continuing students.
  • We anticipate a significant increase in demand for on-campus housing in the fall, so students living in a multi-bedroom apartment should expect to be assigned an apartment-mate.
  • Given the evolving health situation, we recognize that it may be challenging to commit to an academic year license.  For AY2021-2022 licenses (academic year as well as fall only students), students may cancel by 12:00 pm on June 15, 2021, without financial penalty.  Our housing office will continue to work with students who experience extenuating circumstances.