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Spring 2022

All courses at the Law School will be remotely accessible from the first day of classes, January 18, 2022, through January 28, 2022. Individual instructors have the discretion to teach their courses entirely remotely or in the hybrid mode during this period. We have provided students with course-specific information about instructional mode through January 28. 

Beginning January 31, Law School courses will return to in-person instruction. Please note that the option to teach remotely is limited to the January 18-28 period. As was the case last semester, the University has explicitly emphasized that faculty cannot make individual decisions to move their courses fully online. However, especially with COVID rates as high as they are, it is important for instructors and their students to know that exceptions to the in-person attendance requirement will need to be made in circumstances of genuine necessity. Those circumstances include where COVID quarantine protocols forbid a student from participating in person, and where the Moses Center has approved reasonable accommodations related to a student’s medical condition.  

If any instructor contracts the virus during the course of the semester, we will need to be flexible to adapt as appropriate. In addition, anyone requesting remote teaching accommodations beyond the first two weeks of the semester on the basis of a non-COVID medical condition or disability should apply as soon as possible through the Office of Equal Opportunity at equalopportunity@nyu.edu.