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Research & Scholarship

Below, you will find a selection of work by NYU Law faculty in this area of study. Although this list is not comprehensive, it provides a sample of the work our faculty are doing in this field. You can also visit the Publications pages in our individual Faculty Profiles for more information.


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Burt Neuborne. Madison’s Music: On Reading the First Amendment (The New Press, January 2015)

Chapters and Articles

José Alvarez“Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Investment Chapter the New ‘Gold Standard’” (2016)**

José Alvarez“International Organizations and the Rule of Law” (2016)**

José Alvarez. “Beware: Boundary Crossings,” Boundaries of State, Boundaries of Rights (Tsvi Kahana and Anat Scolnicov, eds., Cambridge U. Press, March 2016)

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Oscar Chase. “Living in the Shadow: Class Actions in New York After Shady Grove,” 2014 NYU J. Legis. & Pub. Pol’y Quorum 114 (November 2014)

Oscar Chase“‘Supreme’ Courts and the Imagination of the Real: An Essay in Honor of Mirjan Damaška,” The Administration of Justice: Past Experiences and Challenges for the Future: A festschrift in honor of Mirjan Damaska (2016)*

Kevin Davis and Oren Bar-Gill. “(Mis)Perceptions of Law in Consumer Markets” (March 2016)**

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Kevin Davis, Guillermo Jorge, and Maíra Machado. “Transnational Anticorruption Law in Action: Cases from Argentina and Brazil,” 2014 Law & Social Inquiry (December 2014)

Kevin Davis and Stephen Choi. “Foreign Affairs and Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” 11 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 409 (September 2014)

Harry Edwards. "Collegial Decision Making in the US Court of Appeals," (2017) 

Rochelle Dreyfuss and Orly Lobel. “Economic Espionage as Reality or Rhetoric: Equating Trade Secrecy with National Security,” Lewis & Clark Law Review (2016)*

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Samuel Estreicher. “The Paradox of Federal Sector Labor Relations: Voluntary Unionism Without Collective Bargaining Over Wages and Employee Benefits” (September 2015)**

Franco Ferrari. “CISG and the Law Applicable in International Commercial Arbitration: Remarks Focusing on Three Common Hypotheticals,” A Tribute to Joseph M. Lookofsky (M.B. Andersen and R. F. Henschel, eds., Copenhagen, 2015)

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Arthur Miller. "Guest Editors’ Introduction to JLAS Special Issue on Athlete Activism and Sports Social Responsibility," 28 J. Legal Analysis Sport 118 (2018) (with Jodi S. Balsam)

Arthur Miller. "Keynote Address, The American Class Action: From Birth to Maturity," 19 Theoretical Inquiries L. 1 (2018)

Arthur Miller. "What Are Courts For? Have We Forsaken the Procedural Gold Standard?," 78 La. L. Rev. 739 (2018)

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Geoffrey Miller. “The Political Function of Revelation: Lessons from the Hebrew Bible,” 30 Touro Law Review 77 (2014)

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