Labor & Employment

Research & Scholarship

Below, you will find a selection of recent and forthcoming work by NYU Law faculty in this area of study. Although this list is not comprehensive, it provides a sample of the work our faculty are doing in this field today. You can also visit the Publications pages in our individual Faculty Profiles for more information.

* Accepted and forthcoming
** Working paper


Samuel Estreicher (Chief Reporter). Restatement of the Law, Employment Law (American Law Institute, 2015)

Samuel Estreicher and David Noll ’08. Legislation and the Regulatory State (LexisNexis, 2015)

Samuel Estreicher and Matthew Bodie LLM ’05. Labor Law: Concepts and Insights (Foundation Press, 2016)

Chapters and Articles

Richard Epstein. "The Misconceived Modern Attack on Right to Work Laws," 2017 University of Chicago Legal Forum 95 (2017) 

Cynthia Estlund. "Truth, Lies, and Power at Work," 30 University of Minnesota Law Review Headnotes 349 (2017) 

Cynthia Estlund. “Are Unions a Constitutional Anomaly?” 114 Michigan Law Review 169 (November 2015)

Samuel Estreicher and Jonathan Remy Nash. "The Case for Tipping and Unrestricted Tip-Pooling: Promoting Intrafirm Cooperation," 59 Boston College Law Review 1 (2018) 

Samuel Estreicher. "Achieving Antidiscrimination Objectives Through 'Safe Harbor' Rules for Cases of Chronic Hiring Aversion," 2 Journal of Law & Public Affairs (2017)

Samuel Estreicher“‘Depoliticizing’ the National Labor Relations Board: Administrative Steps,” 64 Emory L. J. 1611 (2015)

Samuel Estreicher and Jeffrey Hirsch. “Comparative Wrongful Dismissal Law: Reassessing American Exceptionalism,” 92 N. C. L. Rev. 343 (January 2014)

Samuel Estreicher and Kristina Yost. “University IP: The University as Coordinator of the Team Production Process,” Beyond Intellectual Property: Comparative and Intellectual Aspects (Fordham U. Press, 2015)*

Samuel Estreicher“‘Easy In, Easy Out’: A Future for US Workplace Representation,” 98 Minnesota L. Rev. 1615 (May 2014)

Samuel Estreicher. “The Paradox of Federal Sector Labor Relations: Voluntary Unionism Without Collective Bargaining Over Wages and Employee Benefits” (September 2015)**

Paula Galowitz. “Transformations in Health Law Practice: The Intersections of Changes in Healthcare and Legal Workplaces,” 12 Indiana Health Law Review 183 (2015)

Deborah Malamud. “Jean-Christian Vinel, The Employee: A Political History, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013,” 33 L. & Hist. Rev. 762 (2015)

Deborah Malamud. “The Strange Persistence of Affirmative Action Under Title VII,” 118 W. Va. L. Rev. 1 (2015)