Human Rights

Research & Scholarship

Below, you will find a selection of recent and forthcoming work by NYU Law faculty in this area of study. Although this list is not comprehensive, it provides a sample of the work our faculty are doing in this field today. You can also visit the Publications pages in our individual Faculty Profiles for more information.

* Accepted and forthcoming
** Working paper


Philip Alston and Nikki Reisch. Human Rights and Tax in an Unequal World*

Philip Alston and Frederic Megret, eds. The United Nations and Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal (Oxford U. Press, August 2016)

Philip Alston and Sara Knuckey, eds. The Transformation of Human Rights Fact-Finding (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Sally Engle Merry. The Seductions of Quantification: Measuring Human Rights, Gender Violence, and Sex Trafficking (U. of Chicago Press, 2016)

Sally Engle Merry, Kevin Davis, and Benedict Kingsbury, eds. The Quiet Power of Indicators: Measuring Development, Corruption, and the Rule of Law (Cambridge University Press, May 2015)

Chapters and Articles

Philip Alston. “Against a World Court for Human Rights,” 28 Ethics & International Affairs 197 (June 2014)

José Enrique Alvarez. "The Human Right Property," University of Miami Law Review*

Gráinne de Búrca. "Human Rights Experimentalism," 111 American Journal of International Law 277 (2018)

Ryan Goodman. “Targeting ‘War-Sustaining’ Objects in Non-International Armed Conflict,” 110 American Journal of International Law (2016)*

Margaret Satterthwaite '99, Rebecca Rodin et al. "Coping Flexibility Predicts Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression in Human Rights Advocates," 46 International Journal of Mental Health 327 (2017)

Margaret Satterthwaite '99 and Inga T. Winkler. "Leaving No One Behind? Persistent Inequalities in the SDGs," 21 International Journal of Human Rights 1073 (2017)

Margaret Satterthwaite '99, Jeremy Boy et al. "Showing People Behind Data: Does Anthropomorphizing Visualizations Elicit More Empathy for Human Rights Data?," Proc. of ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 5462 (2017) 

Margaret Satterthwaite ’99, Enrico Bertini, Anjali Manivannan ’14, Oded Nov, and Anshul Vikram Pandey. “The Persuasive Power of Data Visualization” IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (November 2014)

Margaret Satterthwaite ’99, Amy Joscelyne, Sarah Knuckey, Richard Bryant, Meng Li, Meng Qian, and Adam Brown. “Mental Health Functioning in the Human Rights Field: Findings from an International Internet-Based Survey,” 10 PLoS ONE (2015

Margaret Satterthwaite ’99, Inga Winkler, Catarina De Albuquerque. “Measuring What We Treasure and Treasuring What We Measure: Post-2015 Monitoring for the Promotion of Equality in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sector,” Wisconsin International Law Journal*

Margaret Satterthwaite ’99. “Coding Personal Integrity Rights: Assessing Standards-Based Measures Against Human Rights Law and Practice,” 48 NYU Journal of International Law and Politics (2016)*

Margaret Satterthwaite ’99, Anshul Vikram Pandey, Katharina Rall LLM ’13, Oded Nov, and Enrico Bertini. “How Deceptive are Deceptive Visualizations?: An Empirical Analysis of Common Distortion Techniques”**

Margaret Satterthwaite ’99 and Justin Simeone. “An Emerging Fact-Finding Discipline? A Conceptual Roadmap for Social Science Methods in Human Rights Advocacy,” The Transformation of Human Rights Fact-Finding (Philip Alston and Sarah Knuckey, eds., Oxford U. Press, 2015)