Family, Gender, & Sexuality

Research & Scholarship

Below, you will find a selection of recent and forthcoming work by NYU Law faculty in this area of study. Although this list is not comprehensive, it provides a sample of the work our faculty are doing in this field today. You can also visit the Publications pages in our individual Faculty Profiles for more information.

* Accepted and forthcoming
** Working paper


Sally Engle Merry. The Seductions of Quantification: Measuring Human Rights, Gender Violence, and Sex Trafficking (U. of Chicago Press, 2016)

David Richards. Why Love Leads to Justice: Love Across the Boundaries (Cambridge U. Press, November 2015)

Kenji YoshinoSpeak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial (Crown, 2015)


Peggy Cooper Davis, Aderson Bellegarde Francois, Colin Starger. “Beyond the Confederate Narrative” (November 2015)**

Martin Guggenheim ’71. “Violent Video Games and the Rights of Children and Parents: A Critique of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association,” 41 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 707 (Summer 2014)

Sylvia Law. "Judge Kaye's 1991 Solomonic Dissent in Alison D. v. Virginia M.," 92 NYU Law Review 72 (2017)

Sally Engle MerryKevin Davis, and Benedict Kingsbury, eds. The Quiet Power of Indicators: Measuring Development, Corruption, and the Rule of Law (Cambridge University Press, May 2015)

David Richards. "Freedom's Edge: Religious Freedom, Sexual Freedom, and the Future of America (book review)," 6 American Political Thought 684 (2017)

David Richards. "Literature and Resisting Injustice: Melville and Hawthorne on Patriarchal Manhood and Homophobia," 29 Law & Literature 109 (2017)

Linda Silberman. “The End of Another Era: Reflections on Daimler and Its Implications for Judicial Jurisdiction in the United States,” 19 Lewis & Clark Law Review 675 (2015)

Linda Silberman“The Need for a Statutory Approach to the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Country Judgments,” Foreign Court Judgments and the United States Legal System (Paul Stephan, ed., Brill 2014)

Linda Silberman“United States Supreme Court Hague Abduction Decisions: Developing a Global Jurisprudence,” 9 Journal of Comparative Law 49 (November 2014)

Scott Skinner-Thompson. “Outing Privacy,” 110 Northwestern University Law Review 159 (November 2015)*