Cities & Land Use

Research & Scholarship

Below, you will find a selection of recent and forthcoming work by NYU Law faculty in this area of study. Although this list is not comprehensive, it provides a sample of the work our faculty are doing in this field today. You can also visit the Publications pages in our individual Faculty Profiles for more information.

* Accepted and forthcoming
** Working paper


Clayton Gillette, Lynn Baker, and David Schleicher. Local Government Law: Cases and Materials (Foundation Press 5th ed., December 2014)

Clayton Gillette and Steven Walt. Gillette and Walt’s Sales Law, Domestic, and International (3rd ed., Foundation Press, 2015)

Clayton GilletteAdvanced Introduction to International Sales Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, May 2016)

James Jacobs. The Eternal Criminal Record (Harvard Univ. Press, February 2015)

Chapters and Articles

Vicki Been '83. "Spiraling: Evicitions and Other Causes and Consequences of Housing Instability," 130 Harvard Law Review 1408 (2017)

Vicki Been ’83, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Michael Gedal, Edward Glaeser, and Brian McCabe. “Preserving History or Hindering Growth? The Heterogeneous Effects of Historic Districts on Local Housing Markets in New York City” (September 2014)**

Vicki Been ’83, Josiah Madar, and Simon Thomas McDonnell. “Urban Land-Use Regulation: Are Homevoters Overtaking the Growth Machine?” 11 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 227 (June 2014)

Cynthia Estlund. “Are Unions a Constitutional Anomaly?” 114 Michigan Law Review 169 (November 2015)

Clayton Gillette. “Dictatorships for Democracy: Takeovers of Financially Failed Cities,” 114 Columbia Law Review 1373 (October 2014)

Clayton Gillette and David Skeel Jr. “Governance Reform and the Judicial Role in Municipal Bankruptcy,” 125 Yale Law Journal 1150 (2016)

Clayton Gillette and David Skeel Jr. “A Two-Step Plan for Puerto Rico” (March 2016)**

Roderick Hills Jr. “Hydrofracking and Home Rule: Defending and Defining an Anti-Preemption Canon of Statutory Construction in New York,” 77 Albany Law Review 647 (2014)

Roderick Hills Jr. and David Schleicher. “City Replanning” (August 2014)**

Roderick Hills Jr. and John Ferejohn. “Publius’s Political Science” (November 2015)**

Roderick Hills Jr. “Towards a Universal Field Theory of National Private Rights and Federalism,” 76 Montana Law Review 41 (2016)

Daniel Hulsebosch. “The Revolutionary Portfolio: Constitution-Making and the Wider World in the American Revolution,” 42 Suffolk University Law Review 759 (December 2014)

James Jacobs and Zoe Fuhr LLM ’15. “Preventing Dangerous Mentally Ill Individuals from Obtaining and Retaining Guns: New York’s SAFE Act,” Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy (October 2015)*

James Jacobs and Zoe Fuhr LLM ’15. “Universal Background Checking – New York State’s SAFE Act,” 79 Albany Law Review (April 2016)*

James Jacobs, Dimitra Blitsa, Lauryn Gouldin, and Elena Larrauri. “Criminal Records and Immigration: Comparing the United States and the European Union,” 39 Fordham International Law Journal 205 (2016)

James Jacobs. “Why Ban ‘Assault Weapons’?” 37 Cardozo Law Review 681 (2015)

William Nelson. “Political Decision Making by Informed Juries,” 55 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 1149 (March 2014)

Frank Upham and Leah Trzcinski. “Creating Law from the Ground Up: Land Law in Post-Conflict Cambodia,” 1 Asian Journal of L. and Soc. 55 (May 2014)

Frank Upham and Shitong Qiao. “The Evolution of Relational Property Rights: A Case of Chinese Rural Land Reform,” 100 Iowa Law Review (2015)

Katrina Wyman. "In Defense of the Fee Simple," 93 Notre Dame Law Review 1 (2017)