The Arthur Garfield Hays Civil Liberties Program

Publications and Events

The Hays Program enriches the intellectual life of the Law School through its publications and events. The Fellows have worked with one or more of the Directors in researching and writing numerous articles and books. A book on which successive classes of Fellows worked, as reflected in the annual reports, is Frontiers of Civil Liberties (1968), which included many of Professor Dorsen’s briefs, articles, and memoranda from the 1960s.

Other books include The Rights of Americans (1971), Disorder in the Court (1973), None of Your Business: Government Secrecy in America (1974), Pain & Profit: The Politics of Malpractice (1978), Political and Civil Rights in the United States (1967 and 1976/1979 editions), Our Endangered Rights (1984), The Evolving Constitution (1987), American Health Law (1990), Human Rights in Northern Ireland (1991), Law and the American Health Law System (1997), Democracy and the Rule of Law (2001), and Comparative Constitutionalism (2003).

The Hays Program also hosts periodic conferences, sponsors the Madison Lectures, and hosts reunions of the Fellows.