Spring 2020 Canceled Courses

American Indian Law (6/21/2019)
Prof. Stephen Pevar

Contract Drafting (Section 3) (4/15/2019)
Prof. Naveen Thomas

Corporate Litigation in the Delaware Court of Chancery Seminar (as of 10/8/19) (10/30/2019)
Prof. William Allen

Corporate Tax I and II (as of 6/19/19) (7/2/2019)
Prof. Noel Cunningham

Criminal Procedure: Fourth and Fifth Amendments (11/6/2019)
Prof. Andrew Weissmann

Evidence (Section 2) (4/16/19) (5/6/2019)
Prof. Stephen Gillers

Human Rights, Civil Society, and the Internet in China Seminar (11/8/2019)
Prof. Sharon Hom

Income Taxation of Trusts & Estates II (as of 6/19/19) (7/2/2019)
Profs. Kim Baptiste and Amy Heller

Inequality and Poverty: Developing Social Justice Projects Simulation (6/17/2019)
Profs. Helen Hershkoff and Doug Lasdon

Local Government Law (as of 4/16/19) (5/9/2019)
Prof. Clayton Gillette

Partnership Taxation (Section 1) (as of 9/23/19) (10/30/2019)
Prof. David Kamin

Professional Responsibility and the Law Governing Lawyers: A Public Interest Perspective Seminar (as of 4/16/19) (5/9/2019)
Prof. Barbara Gillers
This seminar will be offered in fall 2019.

Selected Topics in Environmental and Energy Law Seminar: Writing Credit (as of 11/26/19) (12/12/2019)
Prof. Katrina Wyman

Tax Treaties (as of 6/19/19) (7/2/2019)
Prof. Richard Reinhold

THE ECONOMY AND FINANCIAL MARKETS (as of 11/21/19) (12/2/2019)
This is a Stern Preferential course.

White Collar Crime and Capital Markets Seminar and Writing Credit (8/7/2019)
Prof. Court Golumbic