JD Clinic Requirements at a Glance

Clinic Semester/Year Pre- or Co-requisites Writing sample Interview required
Brennan Center Public Policy Advocacy Fall, Spring -- -- See description
Business Transactions Fall, Spring See description -- --
Civil Federal Legal Services Externship Fall, Spring      
Civil Litigation - Employment Law Year -- -- See description
Civil Rights Spring -- -- --
Civil Rights in the Criminal Legal System Fall -- -- See description
Criminal Appellate Defender Spring Yes -- --
Criminal Defense and Reentry Year Yes -- --
Earth Rights Advocacy Fall -- -- See description
Education Advocacy Spring -- -- See description
Education Sector Policy and Consulting Fall, Spring -- -- See description
Entrepreneurship Fall See description -- --
Environmental Law Fall, Spring -- -- Yes
Equal Justice and Defender Externship Not offered 2022-23      
Family Defense Year See description -- See description
Federal Appellate Fall See description -- See description
Federal Defender Year Yes -- Yes
Federal Judicial Practice Externship Fall -- -- See description
Global Justice-for JDs Year See description -- See description
Government Anti-Corruption Externship Spring -- -- Yes
Government Civil Litigation Externship - EDNY Spring See description Yes --
Government Civil Litigation Externship - SDNY Fall, Spring See description -- --
Guarini Externship-Global Legal Practice in Digital Society Fall Yes -- Yes
Housing Law Externship - The Legal Aid Society Fall, Spring -- Yes Yes
Immigrant Defense Spring See description -- --
Immigrant Rights Year See description -- See description
Innovation Externship Not offered 2022-23      
International Organizations Spring Yes -- Yes
International Transactions - for JDs        
Juvenile Defender Year See description -- Yes
Lawyers as Leaders: The Corporate General Counsel Externship Not offered 2022-23      
Legislative and Regulatory Process Application deadline February 1, 2022. Fall Yes -- Yes
LGBTQ Rights Externship Spring -- -- See description
Local Prosecution Externship Spring No -- See description
Mediation Fall See description -- Yes
Mediation - Advanced: Dispute System Design Spring See description -- Yes
NDS Police Accountability Externship Spring -- -- See description
NYC Law Department Externship Fall See description -- See description
NYS Attorney General's Office Antitrust Enforcement Externship Spring Yes Yes Yes
NYS Attorney General's Office Economic Justice Law Enforcement Externship Fall -- Yes Yes
NYS OAG Social Justice Externship Year -- Yes Yes
Pro Bono Scholars Program Externship Spring -- See Forms Yes
Policing Project Externship
For application info, see Policing Project website
Not offered 2022-23      
Prosecution Externship - EDNY Fall, Spring See description -- --
Prosecution Externship - SDNY Fall, Spring See description -- --
Racial Equity Strategies Spring Yes -- --
Racial Justice Year -- -- See description
Regulatory Policy Fall, Spring Yes -- Yes
Reproductive Justice Fall See description -- Yes
Advanced Reproductive Justice Spring See description -- Yes
State Legislative Externship Fall -- -- See description
Technology Law and Policy Fall See description See Forms --
United Nations Diplomacy Fall See description Yes Yes