Strategic Plan 2016

Leadership and Innovation in Legal Education

image of box on graph paper, says: Leadership and Innovation in Legal Education

Build upon the Law School’s history as an innovator in legal education by anticipating and responding to trends in legal education and the profession— including through interdisciplinarity; leveraging the thought leadership of our faculty; and preparing well-rounded counselors with skills applicable across areas and industries.

By emphasizing adaptability in the training it provides, NYU Law will equip students with a versatile skill set that can adjust to ongoing changes in the legal profession and can retain value for careers beyond the practice of law. The Law School will also emphasize interdisciplinarity both in the degrees it now offers and in new degrees or programs it develops. The Law School will continue to provide first-rate instruction in legal reasoning and critical thinking—emphasizing the thought leadership of our faculty, who, through their research and other activities, understand and address important issues in law and society. By complementing that education with instruction drawing on insights from related disciplines as well as new skill-based training in areas like financial literacy, leadership, technology, and global practice, NYU Law will respond to the needs of students, employers, the legal profession, and society by ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills for which there will be a premium as the legal profession continues to evolve. 


Ensure that NYU Law students develop sophisticated analytic and reasoning skills; complementary skills such as leadership, adaptability, and resilience; and key skills from other disciplines including technological acumen, financial literacy, and global fluency.

Add to existing thought leadership at NYU Law by encouraging and supporting collaboration between faculty, students, and other members of the NYU Law community around intentionally identified, timely issues of law and/or policy.

Pursue new opportunities for faculty and students to engage in interdisciplinary learning and scholarship with other schools within New York University and expand interdisciplinary teaching by NYU Law faculty for non-lawyers.

Build upon existing connections and seek new relationships between NYU Law and New York City—including with NYU Law alumni, the legal market, and the worlds of transnational business and technology—so that students have unparalleled access to experiential learning through externships and other networking opportunities; alumni of all degree programs have meaningful lifelong engagement with their “home” at NYU Law; and adjunct instructors continue to feel invested in the education and success of NYU Law students.

Ensure that the Law School’s groundbreaking Lawyering and clinical programs maintain their positions as the gold standards in legal education by engaging in regular reevaluation of the relevance and completeness of skills taught; considering how best to hone students’ writing skills in their second and third years; coordinating practical training with the doctrinal first-year curriculum; and considering clinics, externships, and/or other experiential offerings in new fields.