Strategic Plan in Action

Looking Ahead

illustration of boxes on graph paper, says: Looking Ahead

With the implementation of the strategic plan well underway, NYU Law is working to ensure our place at the cutting edge of legal innovation, to help the Law School and the profession to flourish through increased diversity and inclusion, and to support students’ success through their education and into future endeavors.


  The Law School is working to hire an Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, whom we will be bringing on board early in the school year.


  With more than 35 research centers and institutes available to students, the Law School is developing a one-stop reference and annual center fair to educate students about opportunities.


  To maximize the advantages offered by the Law School’s numerous research centers, we are supporting centers’ development of new externships for students with interest in relevant fields.


  The Law School has conducted an extensive analysis of student-facing digital communications and created recommendations for improvements, which are ongoing.


  To empower student entrepreneurs and to support our alumni community, the Law School is launching a venture fund, awarding student summer funding and launch grants, as well as seed-stage funding to student- or alumni-led companies, to provide the financial flexibility and tools necessary to pursue unique and innovative ideas. 

This is a sampling of some of the projects in progress at the Law School. We will share more about these and other steps to advance our strategic goals in our next update.