Content Cleanup

Here are some things that you can do to improve the presentation of your content.

Remove gaps in content

  • Delete extra lines (put the cursor on the extra line, then hit backspace or delete)
  • Add ‘soft breaks’ (shift+return)
  • How to video:

Remove “double-bolded” links

If your links in Stellent had a ‘bold’ style applied to them they will look extra-bold in Drupal. These should be cleaned up when you have time.

To fix these, click once on the bolded link, then click the B (bold tool) in the toolbar. This should remove the bold from the entire link. Save!

How to video:

Fix Headers/Sub-Headers in your text

Some header styles within your text may not have picked up the correct style in Drupal. To fix these, open your page in edit mode (click the Edit tab) and select the header text you want to change, then select the heading style you want to apply in the Format dropdown menu.

How to video: