NYU Law has transitioned to NYUClasses from Blackboard. NYU has been using NYUClasses since Fall 2012. Blackboard retired on August 15, 2013.

NYU Classes is a Learning Management System (LMS) built on the Sakai CLE (Collaborative Learning Environment) platform. Some of the many benefits are improved performance, workflow, and a contemporary user interface making coursework easier to manage by instructors, and easier to navigate by students.

How to access NYU Classes:

  • From NYUHome, click on the NYU Classes link found on the Academics tab. 

How to activate your course in NYU Classes:

  • From the “My Workspace” section in NYU Classes, click “Setup Course Sites”. You should see any courses which you are enrolled as ‘Instructor’ or ‘Course Site Admin’. Here’s a brief video that walks you through this process.  Remember that after setting up your course sites, you must click the "Publish Now" link in the upper left-hand corner in order to make them available to your students.

How to find your Blackboard Content:

  • NYU has automatically migrated Blackboard courses dating back to Summer 2011 into NYU Classes. If you need access to any older content, please email To get an overview of what content is migrated, and how to find it in NYU Classes, click here.

How to copy content from an older course to your new NYU Classes course:

From an existing NYU Classes course:

  1. go to Settings > Import from Site.
  2. Select ‘Merge’ to copy material from another course into your new course shell, or ‘Replace’ to overwrite all material in the target course shell. Click ‘Continue’.
  3. Select the course you wish to copy material from, and click ‘Continue’
  4. Finally, select which material you wish to copy from the other course shell, and click ‘Finish’.

From a Blackboard Archive file (please email to get an archive file for any course which was not migrated from Blackboard to NYU Classes)

  1. Use BFree to browse your BB archive and selectively choose material to post to your NYU Classes course.
  2. OR Go to Settings > Import from Archive File
  3. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and browse to your BB archive file
  4. Click the ‘Import’ button.
  5. After processing the archive, you will be able to select which material you want to copy into your NYU Classes shell. Do so, and click the ‘Copy Materials’ button.

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