Student Bar Association

Student Members 2014-2015

Listed below will be the Student Members of the 2014-2015 Student-Faculty Committees:

1.     Marietou Diouf
2.     Jesse Dong

Budget Advisory
1.     Jaclyn Hall
2.     Jay D. Thorton*

Career Services
1.     Maria Dobles Madrigal
2.     Olga Mir

1.     Tianyin "Nunu" Luo
2.     (Reserved for incoming LLM student)

Curriculum and Adjunct
1.     Alex Lipton
2.     Keli Young

Diversity Working Group
1.     Jehan Laner*
2.     Katherine Smith

1.     Michael Pernick
2.     Monica Smith 

Personnel (Academic)
1.     Erick Rabin
2.     Landon Reid

Personnel (Lawyering)
1.     Naomi Oberman Brendel
2.     Steven Marcus

Preparation for Academic Careers
1.     Kevin Benish
2.     Mitchell Stern

Symposium Funding
1.     Scott Rosenthal*
2.     Amena Ross

An asterisk (*) denotes returning committee members


A special thank you to the outgoing Student Members of the 2013-2014 Student-Faculty Committees:

Rafa Alvarado (Convocation), Adrienne Lee Benson (Personnel - Academic), Jon Bodansky (Budget Advisory), Toi Carrion(Admissions), Christopher Chun (Academic Careers), Donald Cooley (Diversity Working Group), Daniel Eisenberg (Executive), Cesar Francia (Admissions), Rebecca Hufstader (Curriculum and Adjunct), Emma Kurose (Symposium Funding), Alex Lipton (Personnel - Lawyering), Ankur Mandhania (Academic Careers), Ben Mejia (Personnel - Academic), Jack Millman (Personnel - Academic), Michael Stromquist (Executive), Michael Szeto (Curriculum and Adjunct), Daniel Tenenbaum (Career Services), Randall Thomas (Career Services), Theresa Troupson (Convocation).