Listed below will be the Student Members of the 2015-2016 Student-Faculty Committees:

Personnel (Academic)

Sean Stefanik

Mark Sanchez*



Jahnavi Bhaskar

Christina Singh


Bias & Harassment

Jacob Hutt

Kristen Nicol*


Budget Advisory

Amena Ross

Alec Webley



Jarret Zafran



Darien K. Smith


Curriculum & Adjunct Appointments

Alicia Nieves

Ajani Husbands



Monica Smith

Amanda Sterling


Personnel (Lawyering)

Ameneh Bordi

Michael Dannan



Pooja Shethji


Student Intellectual Life

Ashley Ferguson


Career Services 

Meredith Riley

Leo Gertner


Diversity Working Group

Ke Wu

Oscar Londono*

Viviana Lopez*


Preparation for Academic Careers

Kristen Loveland

Max Yoeli


Externship Steering Committee

Cristina Vasile


*An asterisk (*) denotes Committee members selected by the All-ALSA Selection Board.


A special thank you to the outgoing Student Members of the 2014-2015 Student-Faculty Committees:

Marietou Diouf  and Jesse Dong (Admissions), Jaclyn Hall and Jay Thornton (Budget Advisory), Maria Dobles Madrigal and Olga Mir (Career Services), Tianyin "Nunu" Luo (Convocation), Alex Lipton and Keli Young (Curriculum and Adjunct), Jehan Laner and Katherine Smith (Diversity Working Group), Michael Pernick and Monica Smith (Executive), Erick Rabin and Landon Reid (Personnel- Academic), Naomi Oberman Brendel and Steve Marcus (Personnel- Lawyering), Kevin Benish and Mitchell Stend (Preparation for Academic Careers), Scott Rosenthal and Amena Ross (Symposium Funding).