Student Bar Association

Student-Faculty Committees





This committee sets policy for law school admissions. The committee reviews admission policy and recruitment particularly with respect to minority students. The committee aids in the deliberative process on close cases and in considering applicants who may bring unique talents to the community. For 3Ls only.

Budget Advisory
This advisory committee reviews and makes suggestions to the Dean regarding the proposed budget before the Dean presents the budget to the Board of Trustees.

Career Services
The committee makes recommendations to the Office of Career Services regarding job placement practices.

The students sit on this committee to help plan the convocation and make recommendations regarding the convocation speaker(s), setting the program, and selecting a location. The committee is responsible for selecting the student speaker(s).

Curriculum and Adjunct Appointments
The committee has three specific responsibilities: approving proposed new courses, approving new adjunct faculty, and promoting improvements in the overall curriculum.

Diversity Working Group
The Working Group focuses on diversity initiatives throughout the law school.

This committee sets and amends academic regulations, subject to faculty review. This includes issues such as the credits required or allowed in specific areas, computer exam taking, etc. The committee also functions as the school's formal disciplinary committee for the student body with members sitting as arbitrators for purposes requiring formal discipline. (See the Student Handbook for details). Finally, the committee is responsible for selecting student honorees and graduation awards.

Personnel (Academic)
Students sit in advisory (non-voting) positions on this committee. The committee is responsible for making recommendations for appointments, promotions, and tenure of the academic faculty. Students on this committee have been invited to sit in on the presentations of possible appointments in the past.

Personnel (Lawyering)
The committee makes recommendations with respect to the continuation of current Lawyering faculty and makes suggestions for new hires. Also, the committee is responsible for reviewing the student evaluations.

Preparation for Academic Careers
The committee makes recommendations regarding the programming, counseling and other services provided to NYU law students and alumni considering careers in legal academia.

Symposium Funding
The committee is responsible for allocating the budgeted funds for student organized symposiums.