Student Bar Association

Spring 2010 Elections


Meet the Candidates

Vice President - Elyse Feuer
Vice President - Evan Goodman
Vice President - Mike Gordon

Statements and Photos

Vice President - Elyse Feuer

Hello NYUers!

My name is Elyse Feuer and I am running for SBA Vice President. I am currently a 2L and have served this year as a Staff Editor on the Journal of Law and Business and as the Entertainment Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Society (IPELS).
I would make an excellent Vice President because I am able to make the SBA my number one priority next year. Although I will remain on the board of JLB, I will not be taking any other leadership positions for any student groups next year. I believe the key to successfully managing the SBA committees is to make this my focus and ensure that I have time to give each my undivided attention when necessary.

Coming from the board of a student group, I understand the frustration that many groups have because of the disconnect between SBA and the student body. My number one goal would be to find even more ways to make the SBA accessible to students. I would like to see SBA board members reaching out to student groups to get updates on events and issues. I think the SBA can better serve students in this way if they are kept up to date on issues or problems that different groups are experiencing.

This year, my IPELS Entertainment Co-Chair and I planned and executed three fantastic events on the future of entertainment law in the digital era. The planning required attention to detail and an ability to manage our Entertainment committee. We were able to acquire outside funding through law firms, recruit impressive panelists and boost attendance for IPELS events.

I find that the most important quality in a leader is never becoming distanced from those who you are leading; as SBA VP, I would pride myself on making myself available to anyone who wants to discuss any sort of issue or idea with me and would do my best to be a voice for those individuals.
As VP, I would be a liaison between SBA committees and the Executive Board. These committees allow more members of our community to get involved and it is important to oversee the functions of these committees to ensure they run smoothly and effectively. Since I can give this position my full attention next year, I would like to be involved with as many of the committees as possible, offering my assistance or being a ‘sounding board’ whenever necessary.

I look forward to a wonderful year full of SBA events that make all our lives just a little bit better and remind us that law school isn’t only about reading and outlining. I look forward to hearing what you would like to see the SBA do next year and I would love to do anything in my power to see those ideas come to fruition. Please vote for me for SBA VP on Tuesday! Thank you!

Vice President - Evan Goodman


You probably already know me from my run for Treasurer. For those of you who voted for me, I wanted to thank you, it was a tough race, and even though we lost, I think we made progress by letting the SBA know that they need to give cost-cutting information to groups.

At the meeting on April 6th, the SBA did exercise restraint in light of our limited available budget for the rest of the year. The spending problems I have seen have not been the spending related to Treasurer approved expenses from the past year, and I have great respect for Mike’s hard work in the leading that process, my issue is with the ongoing approvals before the SBA as a whole. As Vice President, I would like to ensure that the SBA provides more cost-cutting information next year to student groups that are proposing mid-year budget requests so that there is more money available for more activities.

Now that I am running for Vice President, I feel that I will be able to take on the task of gathering cost-cutting information, but also help focus the school’s attention on a wide variety of issues. The Vice President’s duties include guidance to student-faculty committees and being involved in discussions with the administration. The committees deal with various issues including university-wide budgets, student life, Lawyering, and other school related activities. I will make certain these committees take into account student concerns, and that they hear the voice of the student body.

Recently, David Goodwin and I were tasked with representing student concerns about the recent terrace closures. We collected student concerns, and found many unhappy people, then brought those concerns to school officials. Unfortunately, due to university-wide pressure, the law school will not be able to open the terraces. However, I have been assured that university officials will answer questions, likely this week, and I encourage you to contact university and residence life officials with your concerns. The D’Ag terrace will likely open in June, and the Mercer terrace likely in August.

In the area of social life, I helped organize a chili cook-off, a beer-pong fundraiser for Haiti, and designed one of the t-shirts that the SBA approved for sale to the whole school. If elected, I will work with the incoming Social Chairs to provide a rich social experience for the school. Of course we will still have weekly SBA parties. But, there is more we can do. We can help groups share ideas that will improve the quality of all of their events. We already have so much in the realm of receptions, costume parties, trivia nights, and auctions, but we can have much more.

Finally, for those interested in knowing me personally, I want to pursue environmental law, love the ocean, parks, and sushi, enjoy cooking, travelling, and going to the gym, and will be living in the city this summer. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

All the Best,


Vice President - Mike Gordon

“One word sums up probably the responsibility of any vice-president, and that one word is ‘to be prepared.’”
– Dan Quayle, former US Vice-President to George H.W. Bush

“The vice-presidency ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit.”
– John Nance Garner, former US Vice-President to FDR

In middle school, I became vaguely aware of politics.  At the time, Dan Quayle was Vice-President. Memorably, he once corrected a 12 year-old at a spelling bee by telling him that potato is spelled “potatoe.” I started off young adult life with a low opinion of the job’s necessary qualifications and responsibilities.
I’ve since changed my mind.  And I think I can do more as VP than simply wait for misfortune to befall Erica.


NYU Law, you rock.  Like in a Led Zeppelin way, not in a Nickelback way. I chose to come to law school for the education, but I chose to come here for you, a group of energetic, outspoken people who are brilliant, intellectually curious, conscientious …and still adept at having normal conversations about celebrities. Nevertheless, as much as I love this place, I believe the student experience here can be enhanced significantly, and I’ve spent my past two years working hard in the SBA to make tangible improvements to student life.  So why should you elect me again?

1) This ain’t my first rodeo
I’m a 2L who has been on the SBA for the past two years.  This year I was SBA Treasurer, which means I was responsible for managing the law school’s $170,000 budget for student activities and overseeing more than 80 student groups. It was an enormous job that required advance planning, attention to detail, impeccable organization and record keeping, handling disputes with equanimity, and working hand in hand with many NYU administrators. Word on the street is that I’ve done it well. I know this school, I know its student and faculty leaders, and I know where and how the SBA can help. Your VP should be experienced.

2) I get $%#^ done
My goal is to be the SBA’s Winston Wolf. (For those of you who don’t get that reference, stop reading and rent Pulp Fiction.  Now.) This year, I’ve succeeded in getting the administration to distribute student group funds months earlier than in the past, add printers to the library, announce when Spring grades have posted so that you don’t have to refresh Albert ten times a day, and create a database of professors’ past syllabi. I’ve also changed the student group funding process to benefit active groups. It’s been a busy year, and I hope to get the chance to continue working to improve the school.  I’m cheesy: I love this stuff.

3) I ensured that no SBA money was spent on hookers and/or blow


John Nance Garner was bitter that FDR beat him for the 1932 Democratic nomination.  And he was wrong.
So elect me.  Because I’d gladly trade a bucket of warm spit for the job.