Student Bar Association

Meet the Candidates

Yoshinori Sasao, President


Hi! My name is Yoshinori Sasao and I'm running for President of the Student Bar Association.

I've served in the SBA for the past two years, first as 1L Section Representative, and then this year as your Vice President. I've had a great experience working with students, student groups, and the law school administration and have come to know that our law school is an amazing community, one that I would be thrilled to serve as President.

The next year will bring challenges both foreseeable and unanticipated to our community, and I know that I can provide the dedicated and flexible leadership it deserves. I promise that you find me a thoroughly approachable, open-minded and fair president, always available to listen to your concerns and take swift action to make sure your voice is heard.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to represent our school for the past two years in the SBA and I ask you now for your vote for President. Thank you.



Doug Martin, Vice-President


When I was elected 1L representative, I was told that my job consisted of “planning the end of semester party for my section.” However, I quickly decided to make something more of my position, in order to help the people who trusted me enough to vote for me. As 1L representative for Section 3, I have coordinated with our professors on review session scheduling, so that sessions occurred during times when the entire section could attend. I have pushed our professors to hold student lunches this semester, and they have responded. I have communicated student concerns to professors, such as when they have consistently let us out late. In our Criminal Law class, I have arranged for some students to take notes via computer each class, even though the professor at first forbid computers. I surveyed student opinion on professors’ gifts last semester, so that others could have a say in what I bought, and our section ended up having a 100% donation rate. Finally, I have voiced 1L concerns to the Student Bar Association by attending every meeting that I was physically able to, as well as carried information back to my constituents whenever they had questions.

I believe in making the most of student government here at NYU. If you have any questions about my service this year, I encourage you to ask someone from Section 3 what they think of me. The system is not perfect, but with proactive people, you can get positive results. I plan to carry my work ethic and persistence on next year, and I hope you will support me by voting for Doug Martin for Vice President.



Sarah Adam, Treasurer


Hello to the Brilliant and Hardworking Students of NYU Law:

My name is Sarah Adam, and I am running to be your Treasurer to the Student Bar Association. This past year, I had the pleasure of representing the 1L Section 2 before the SBA.

People often ask what members of the SBA actually do. Besides “anything and everything you want us to do,”—planning parties, Professors’ gifts, advising you, taking your feedback to administrators—there is another great, less visible part of our work that happens during SBA meetings: we appropriate money for law school events, and approve funding requests for students and organizations who ask us money. Participating in these decisions is what inspired me to run for Treasurer. I have received much feedback from students about what they would like to see done differently, with regards to what the SBA spends money on and how much. I want to take that feedback to the SBA, as its strong Treasurer and policy maker.

I want to promote greater visibility and fiscal responsibility at our law school. I want you to tell us how you care about spending our money, and I want to let you know about our ultimate funding decisions. I want our funding decisions to be fair and equitable, and based on rules of consideration—not arbitrariness. And I want to manage our money in a way that saves it for what you decide is most important. I can tell you that, having been in many different (some difficult) financial positions in my life, I have great money-management experience. I know how to save, and get the most use out of what funds are available.

My goal as a Treasurer would be to continue being a resource for you, and to be a true representative who is just, responsible, and accountable to the law school community. If you have ideas on what NYU Law should and should not be spending money on, and you want them to be heard, I will be the person to get those concerns addressed, because that would be my duty to you. All you would have to do is touch base with me, and let me know what you think.

I am asking for support from each and every one of you, so that I can come to represent you before the SBA, again, to implement the best of your ideas and mine. You can be confident that if you care enough to take time out of your day to vote for me, you will be supporting someone who cares about all the things that you deserve, as an individual who spends his or her money here at NYU Law, instead of anywhere else. And that I will do everything I can to serve your desires.

I am looking forward to meeting you, and getting to know you, and answering any questions you may have for or about me.

Thank you so much for your time, and have a great week.




Mike Gordon, Treasurer


I was 9 years old when I learned my first lesson about the importance of managing money carefully. My parents would often give me any coin change they received at the grocery store or gas station. I would immediately deposit it in my piggy bank: a three foot tall plastic Coke bottle. One Saturday, I decided to pour all the change on the floor and count it.

Just when I finished, my 16 year-old sister walked by.

“Wow, look at you! How much money do you have there?” she asked, overenthusiastically.
“Thirty three dollars and seventeen cents!” I felt rich.
“What do you think you’re going to spend it on?” she asked, innocently. I had no idea I was being set up.
“I don’t know! Maybe a new Transformer….or maybe a new basketball…or…” I paused, trying to dream big.
My diabolical sister had other ideas. “Well, you really ought to save it. Pretty soon you’re going to be taking girls on dates, and you’re going to have to pay. That’s going to be really expensive. And if you don’t take girls on dates you’ll never get a girlfriend. Are you sure you want a Transformer?”

I learned two things at that moment: (1) how to make tough choices with discretionary spending accounts and (2) that girls were even scarier than I thought.

Really I owe a debt of thanks to Bernie Madoff, Timothy Geithner, Ken Lay, and the entire investment banking community. The bar for financial managers has never been lower. If you elect me to be your SBA Treasurer, I promise I will not lie on my taxes, embezzle funds, defraud all of you, completely ignore a giant festering problem, or bet the entire SBA budget on the outcome of a game of Jenga. Plus I know how to use Excel. Now, don’t I sound immensely qualified?

In all seriousness, I came to law school in general for the unparalleled education and career prospects….but I came HERE for y’all, a group of classmates who balance your zealous, conscientious brilliance with social skills. I truly believe that the relationships we build while we’re here are as important as the knowledge and skills we gain in class. To me, the time we spend together outside of class playing sports, hanging out at bars, or exploring NYC aren’t really breaks from law school – they’re some of the most essential parts.

For the past year, I’ve been working to improve my classmates’ law school experiences as the 1L representative for Section 5. I’ve arranged after-hours keg parties in Golding, lobbied professors, fought to change the 1L OCS calendar, achieved a 100% donation record for professor gifts, and co-organized the upcoming 1L Olympics and Prom. Now I want to do more to facilitate not only the social side of law school, but also to support the student groups that allow us to meet and collaborate with others who share our passions.

Plus, I have this great investment in mind…



Erica Iverson, Social Chair


Five feet, seven and one quarter inches tall, dark blond/light brown hair, blue-green eyes, enjoys long naps on the beach and getting her drink on at SBA events—OH! Speaking of which, you should probably also know that my name is Erica Iverson and I’m here to recruit you… to vote for me for SBA Social Chair!

Although we may have never “officially” met, you might remember me from such events as: Thursday, October 9, Thursday, October 16, Thursday, January 22… What? You don’t remember? Probably because you were having such an amazing time at those events! So if you would like to continue not remembering your Thursdays, vote for me!

As a member of the social committee, I helped plan and organize many of the parties we had this year. And I have a wide range of previous experience arranging social functions. As Social Chair and Formal Chair in my sorority and Community Development Supervisor with my job at NYU Undergraduate Admissions, I’ve been setting up parties, mixers, karaoke nights, fundraisers, and bowling outings for years! I would love to bring that know-how to the law school community.

I am also a firm believer in bringing diverse groups of people together, and would like to see even more interaction between sections and classes next year. Through involvement in various groups and projects around campus, I am confident that as your Social Chair I can help connect students throughout the school.

So if you want drink tickets galore and a series of fun, fabulous, fantastic events next year, vote Erica Iverson for Social Chair!



Howard Locker, Social Chair


I’m Howard, a 1L in Section 3. I grew up nearby in Stamford, Connecticut and then boldly moved far away to New Haven for college. While at Yale, I studied political science and was very involved in my residential college student life. Upon graduating, I again hopped on Metro-North to New York to work as a paralegal at a small plaintiff’s class action firm before interning in then-Senator Clinton’s office for the summer. Two highlights were beating “Schumer’s Schluggers” in the intern softball game (apologies if anyone from that team is reading this) and getting a chance to meet Sec. State Clinton, which is memorialized in a photo I’m sure she doesn’t remember. Outside of law school, I enjoy exploring New York and finding inexpensive and delicious restaurants. I am a huge fan of street food and some of my favorites are the Hallo Berlin Wurst cart, the chicken and rice carts at 53rd and 6th and 49th and 3rd, and of course, Calexico and Dosa Man. I am interested in most sports, and my favorites to play are tennis, softball, basketball, and flag football (shout-out to the Bob Loblaw’s Law Blogs). Other things I enjoy: Rock Band, cooking, wine, beer, and scotch tasting (though not at once), and travelling.

I have always thrived off of organizing people and events, whether it’s with friends from home, college or law school. When I found out there was a SBA Social Committee, I happily volunteered to assist the Chairs in planning and running events. Some of the events I’ve been involved with are Wicked Willy’s, Bleecker Street Bar, Josie Wood’s, and Cooper 35 Asian Pub, and I have had a great time meeting lots of students and making sure everyone has a great time.

At Yale, I ran the 80’s themed Safety Dance (Yale’s largest, with about a thousand attendees) complete with, yes, slap bracelets. In addition, I was selected to serve on the Senior Class Council, where I helped brainstorm and run many events, including open bars, free Belgian frites, study breaks, and senior field day. Being able to plan various fun activities that made senior year special was really worthwhile and an absolute blast.

As Social Chair, I will continue to have fantastic weekly parties with as many drink tickets as the budget will allow. I will also plan a good mixture of events in the immediate vicinity of the Law School as well as in nearby neighborhoods. As a Murray Hill resident, I’m a big fan of getting out of the bubble (promise, it’s fun!), which has helped me get to know a lot of different, exciting places in the City. I firmly believe in work hard, play hard, and given how stressful law school can be, as Social Chair, I will make certain that we all get to play hard!

I always want to plug fellow Section 3er Erica Iverson. We have teamed up many times this year on Social Committee events, so vote for her too!



Robert Swan, Student Senator


While we all enjoy the relative seclusion of our little chunk of Washington Square South, it is important to note that the law school accounts for only a little more than 5% of the total student body of the largest private university in the nation. I know what you’re thinking, and I would like to assure you: yes, there really is a university to which we are attached. While we oftentimes may forget, or perhaps are willfully blind to this fact, it’s important that we as a student body stay engaged in the broader university community. In furtherance of this aim, the SBA Constitution allows for the election of a Student Senator, whose duty it is to act as a liaison between the Law School and the University. (Trust me, it really does. I actually read the whole thing, which is mildly frightening and extremely pathetic. But what can I say? I go to NYU Law, so it’s really the only time I’ve seen a Constitution in my 1L year- I got a little excited.) It is this position that I seek to hold.

Experience? Funny you should ask. A mere six years ago (long before I knew or cared about canons of statutory construction) I was hand-selected by my high school principal out of a pool of one unqualified applicant, to represent our school as a representative to the township school board. I served with great distinction, and I think it’s safe to say I was one of the top ten student representatives in school history. I believe that my experience doing very little, while sitting on a legislative body elected and cared about by very few people, has given me an ideal skill-set for this position. (On second thought, with these credentials, perhaps I should be running for the United States Senate!)

All jokes aside, I have a preposterous amount of respect, not only for my fellow students in the Law School, but also for the Law School as an institution. I believe we are the crown jewel of the NYU empire, and as such, would be honored to represent the School and the student body in the University Senate, and also the mildly ambiguous “related University-wide councils and committees.” SBA Constitution Art. 5, § 2.1. If elected, I’ll work my hardest, or at least mildly hard, to ensure that the rest of the university doesn’t forget about us, even if we sometimes forget about them. I thank you for reading this (if you’ve actually gotten this far), and would greatly appreciate your vote.



David Goodwin, 3L Rep


Please see David's statement here.



Jeff Salomon, 3L Rep


Please see Jeff's statement here.



Meghan Dwyer, 2L Rep


Meghan DwyerClass of 2011!

What a year it has been! I have had a wonderful time being a 1L Section Rep (go Section 4!) and have enjoyed record approval ratings in recent focus group polls. Riding on the sea of change that has recently swept the nation, I come forth to you now with my trident of hope and say this: Vote! Vote for me for 2L Rep!

Only one candidate, me, (and maybe Carley Palmer) can represent your interests, throw your parties, love you, balance the federal budget, and look good doing it. The answer is clear: vote Meghan Dwyer for 2L rep!





Carley Palmer, 2L Rep


Carley PalmerHey there! How you doing? Did you get a haircut? Cuz you look gooood.

On an entirely unrelated note, my name is Carley Palmer. You may know me from my performance as “that overly enthusiastic red-headed girl” from Law Revue, or from one of my infamous D’Ag frat parties/flip-cup-championships, or perhaps my finals week 1 AM Library Dance Parties [to be recommenced shortly, details to follow].

But just in case you don’t know me, let me set the record straight. I am a woman of the people. A social woman of the people. A woman who loves to go to social events and a woman who was born to plan them. To me, Thursdays are the weekend, everything deserves a pregame, and a costume party deserves just as much (if not more!) research than ICWA.

As your 2L SBA representative, I pledge to facilitate a festive, congenial atmosphere amongst the law school and 2L community. I pledge to embrace new experiences, novel ideas, and recommendations from each and every one of you. I pledge to shamelessly devote my Facebook page to promote your club (Law Revue! March 25th-28th!) I pledge to blatantly abuse listservs to keep your social calendar buzzing. I pledge to bring you coffee, donuts, and free yoga during finals. And of course, I pledge to keep those drink tickets coming (Recession? Say what?)

Next year will be a crazy time for all of you hard-working law school students with your clinics, your journals, and your job interviews. So while you all get closer and closer to becoming real people, I pledge to make it that much more fun for you to forget about all that “real world” stuff and just enjoy living off the federal government (and Bank of America) for the next two years.

I once led my high school show choir— “Destiny”—to the national championships: rhinestones, glitter, and all. Let me guide you too—NYU Law class of 2011— to a shiny new tomorrow. Or at least a tomorrow where you can wake up saying “Hey, I had a life outside of law school. And my tuition paid for it!”