We invite you to submit nominations for the Student Convocation Awards

Convocation Awards are given to graduating JD and LLM candidates in a variety of categories.

Deadline to submit nominations: March 6, 2015

Faculty interested in nominating a student should refer to the complete award chart, click here, and contact the professor designated.

These award recipients are chosen through a nomination process that is defined by category:

*Scholarship and Academic Excellence Awards (JD)

You will note that the Overall Achievement Awards are overlapping.  You may combine award names (e.g., Sommer, Butler, Goodman, Foulk) when you submit your nomination. Please make every effort to nominate students who you know to be outstanding for these awards.  Include a statement in support of the nominee that highlights their outstanding credentials.  Faculty recommendations are critical to the Committee's decision-making.  Convocation Awards are also given to the three JD students with the highest GPAs after five semesters and the LLM student with the highest GPA after two semesters.

*Community Service Awards: Vanderbilt Medals and Dean John Sexton Prize (JD & LLM)

Vanderbilt Medals and the Dean John Sexton Prize are designed to recognize students that have made a significant contribution to our community.  Specifically, Vanderbilt Medals are given to several students for "outstanding contributions to the School of Law" and the Dean John Sexton Prize is awarded to a "law student whose outstanding service to the Law School community exemplifies the values of Dean Sexton."

The recipients are students who have distinguished themselves in their commitment to the Law School through their work in student groups, journals, or other Law School activities and events. Your nomination statement should include: nominee's name and nominee's degree (JD or LLM).
In addition, describe the following:

  • List activities and/or organizations at NYU School of Law with which the nominee is or has been involved (where applicable indicate leadership position held in organization).
  • Discuss the nominee's contributions to NYU School of Law through activities and organizations affiliated with the Law School.  Please be as specific as possible in your comments.

*Subject Area and Specialization Awards (JD & LLM)

Subject area awards are conferred for outstanding achievement in various fields of law.  These awards are based on scholarly or other excellence of the type described, and can include superior quality work on a paper or note.

If you have any questions about Convocation Awards please contact the Office of Student Affairs at law.convocation@nyu.edu or (212) 998-6658.

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