Instructions for Hooding Graduates

As we prepare to recognize our graduating students during the Hooding Ceremony, we invite you to review the information below which describes two ways to keep the students moving intentionally and gracefully across the stage.

Student Name Cue and Pace
We will review this for you on-site, but here is the process that we will use. As in the past, once the reader announces student A’s name, the student will walk away from the reader to a faculty hooder. When student A reaches the hooder, the reader will then say the name of student B. If there is any traffic congestion, the stage manager, TBA,  will signal the reader to pause.

We will have booster platforms available for faculty members who have selected to participate in the hooding of graduates. 

Additional Hooder 
We have two faculty hooders to help manage the traffic flow. Please be certain to hood the students as efficiently as possible while minimizing adjustments to their attire afterward. The stage manager, TBA,  will ensure that there is a steady stream of students to both faculty hooders.

We are thrilled to have you be an integral part of the most significant moment in the ceremony for our students.

If you have any questions about the hooding ceremony, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at

Last Modified 12/16/14