Faculty Registration: Events and Attire

Deadline: March 21, 2016

Click the link below to RSVP for the All-University Commencement, Send-Off Reception, and Convocation, and to submit your academic attire information.  All faculty members participating in Commencement and/or Convocation must wear academic attire
     To RSVP, click here.  

Please review the information below:


  • First-time participants: If this is your first time participating in Commencement and/or Convocation, be sure to include your measurements when you RSVP.  Measurements you will need:
         1. Tam size (cap) - circumference of your head in inches
         2. Robe - your height (wearing shoes)
         3. Degree Hood - the highest degree earned (BA, MA, PhD, etc.)
         4. College/University - where you earned your degree (NYU, Berkeley, Penn State, etc.)  
  • Returning faculty:  If you are a returning faculty member, you do not need to indicate your measurements when you RSVP, as we have them on file.
  • If you have your own academic attire: If you have registered to attend Commencement and/or Convocation you MUST bring your academic attire to both ceremonies.  If you have registered to attend Commencement you must wear your attire before you board the bus to Yankee Stadium.  If you have registered to attend the Law School Convocation and would like your attire picked up to be ready for you at The Beacon Theatre, please email law.convocation@nyu.edu to make arrangements. 


  • Attending Commencement:  A representative from the Office of Student Affairs will contact you and your assistant.  Please note that if you are also attending Convocation, you will receive special instructions about your academic attire.
  • Attending Convocation:  Your attire will be waiting for you at the Beacon Theatre.


  • Attending Commencement Only:  During your attire delivery, you will be notified that you must return your attire to a representative at the Office of Student Affairs.  There will be attire collection bins at Yankee Stadium, but please DO NOT return your attire there.
  • Attending Commencement AND Convocation:  You must hold onto your attire after Commencement (you will receive special instructions when your academic attire is delivered).  After the Convocation ceremony, return your academic attire at the Beacon Theatre.
If you have any questions about academic attire please contact the Office of Student Affairs at law.convocation@nyu.edu

Last Modified 10/9/15