Who We Are

The Women of Color Collective (WoCC) was created to provide a supportive space for women of color students at the NYU School of Law. Through supportive networking, public education, and collective initiatives, WoCC seeks to advance the needs of women of color and thereby enrich the educational experience at the law school.

Our Goals

We believe that WoCC can serve as a critical resource to the law school community in the following ways:

Support/Mentorship: Facilitating monthly meetings for group discussion of critical issues and/or social events to promote interaction and mentorship between women of color at the law school; organizing events involving women of color alums/professionals to facilitate mentorship between students and current professionals

Education: Planning annual or biannual symposia open to the Law School on current topics relevant to the experience of women of color – specific either to the legal community or to women of color generally

Activism: Working with existing student groups to increase faculty of color recruitment and student of color admissions, to incorporate critical perspectives into class discussions, and to expand course offerings