West Coast Connection

West Coast Connection is a student group for those law students who grew up, worked or wish to work in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii. West Coast Connection serves several purposes.

First, it allows students from the west to meet each other socially in New York. Second, it helps members find employment on the West Coast. Our group accomplishes this by working closely with the Office of Career Services, having panel discussions to share experiences on past West Coast job searches, and providing a mentoring program for incoming students. Our group does not, however include members from the West who wish to remain in New York or other cities on the East Coast.

Third, West Coast Connection works with the Admissions Office to actively recruit students from the West Coast. Finally, our group seeks to build a network of New York University School of Law alumni on the West Coast, similar to the one existing for NYU School of Law alumni in New York. This network will aid us in our professional careers, and help others find employment in the region.