NYU Law's Sports Law Association aims to be the premier student-run sports organization, conveniently located in New York City, the center of the legal world.

The Association looks to carry out its mission through a variety of events designed with the purpose of: (a) educating our members and the broader NYU community about sports law and its related disciplines; (b) developing relations with industry-leading institutions (including law firms, leagues, players’ associations, management groups, etc.) in order to connect our members with unique career opportunities unavailable through traditional on-campus recruitment; and (c) providing a forum in which the legal issues at the forefront of the profession can be passionately debated.  In addition, the Association welcomes members to submit ideas for events, fundraising, speakers, and to get involved through our 1L and LLM positions selected each fall.

In spring 2018 the Association hosted its 7th annual Sports Law Colloquium, once again bringing together law students, industry professionals, and revered academics from across the United States to examine the present state of the law and how it may change in the future.  Over the past three years we have hosted NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson, leading sports attorney Jeffrey Kessler, former NCAA Division I Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl, President of the NY Yankees Randy Levine, FOX reporter Ken Rosenthal, ESPN reporter Andrew Brandt, VP Deputy GC of MLB's Labor Department, Paul Mifsud, and NFL Network reporter Adam Schefter, among many others. 

2018-19 Board

President - Brette Trost: bt616@nyu.edu

Vice President - Justin Peroff: jap672@nyu.edu

Treasurer - Andrew McCall: abm541@nyu.edu & Curtis Smith: cgs360@nyu.edu

Secretary - Kirstie Yu: kjy238@nyu.edu

Alumni Relations - Stephen Nemec: scn288@nyu.edu

Communications Director - Ryan Forman: rlf333@nyu.edu

Events Coordinator - Eugene Woo: eew311@nyu.edu & Clare Moretti: cam1050@nyu.edu


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7th Annual NYU Law Sports Law Colloquium: https://its.law.nyu.edu/eventcalendar/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.detail&id=61611

6th Annual NYU Law Sports Law Colloquium: https://its.law.nyu.edu/eventcalendar/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.detail&id=54594

5th Annual NYU Law Sports Law Colloquium: https://its.law.nyu.edu/eventcalendar/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.detail&id=45454

4th Annual NYU Law Sports Law Colloquium: https://its.law.nyu.edu/eventcalendar/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.detail&id=38772

3rd Annual NYU Law Sports Law Colloquium: https://its.law.nyu.edu/eventcalendar/index.cfm?fuseaction=main.detail&id=30618

2017-18 Board: Milagros "Millie" Villalobos Navas, Jennifer Yamin, David Saxman, Kirstie Yu, Malik Williams, Bruno Ghrairi, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brette Trost, Jonathan Leb

2016-17 Board: Albert Tawil, Adam Lerner, Nathan Mooney, Lauren Wiseman, Timothy Cory, Milagros "Millie" Villalobos Navas

2015-16 Board: Matthew Edwards, Shad Estreich, Justin Gaudenzi, Lauren Wiseman, Albert Tawil, Robert Gianchetti, Christopher Porcelli, Nathan Mooney, Remo Andrea Decurtins

2014-15 Co-Chairs: Robert Gianchetti: rcg296@nyu.edu; Matthew Edwards: mre280@nyu.edu