Project on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

The Project on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (PNDR) at New York University School of Law was founded in response to the expanding role of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes in legal practice. PNDR's primary goal is to advance the study and practice of ADR at NYU Law with an emphasis on negotiation, mediation and arbitration. PNDR provides students with training workshops, internships, exposure to nationally recognized experts and accomplished practitioners through luncheons and symposia, as well as opportunities to compete in regional and national negotiation competitions.

This year PNDR has been selected to host the American Bar Association Law Student Division 2004-05 Regional Negotiation Competition. The competition will take place in November, and PNDR hopes to involve numerous students in the planning and administration of the tournament. PNDR's
leadership structure is democratic and we welcome all students with an interest in alternative forms of dispute resolution regardless of past experience.