Prisoners' Rights and Education Project

The Prisoners' Rights and Education Project (PREP) is a student organization devoted to teaching inmates in New York state prisons legal research skills. Each semester we conduct a seven week course on site at prison classrooms and libraries.

PREP instruction largely mirrors what students learn in Lawyering, making it the perfect activity for a 1L. It gives students a chance to get involved in something very important without overloading an already busy schedule. Every member of PREP is expected to co-teach a lesson at a women's prison in the downstate area. PREP participants teach in pairs: for one facility they will travel to the prison in the morning via commuter rail and return by late afternoon; the other is just a short subway trip away. Past teachers can attest to the fact that the experience is challenging, interesting, and rewarding.

At a minimum, inmates deserve the right to understand the system under which they are incarcerated. Take the opportunity to share your knowledge.

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