OWLS (Older Wiser Law Students) is an organization for older students, second-career students, married and/or parenting students, and students who in any other way depart from the mold of the "traditional" law student - or those who would enjoy mingling with them. All students are welcome to join.

Typical OWLS events include meet and greet dinners and potlucks at law student homes in such exotic places as Brooklyn and Harlem, and panels with OWLS alums to discuss interviewing and life on the flip side of law school, starting out again in the career world, balancing family responsibilities and work, and the like. Family members are always invited.

OWLS is led (and we use that term loosely) by a volunteer board with no hierarchical structure or defined roles.


NYU Student Resources Center has compiled a list of Neighborhood Resources, including things like supermarkets, appliance and funiture rentals, etc. It may be accessed here.

They also put together a list of New York City Resources, including museums that we can get into for free using our student IDs. It may be found here.

Discounts on entertainment (including $5 off movie admission) can be found here.

Other NYU resources:

Family Care (NYU in general)

Family Care (NYU Law; includes a link to NYU Babysitting Registry)


Students with disabilities