Media Law Collaborative

Media Law Collaborative

The Media Law Collaborative (MLC) will bridge the gap between the NYU School of Law and the arts programs of the University.

Through its website the MLC hopes to create a space where law students can address typical, yet significant legal issues students face when engaged in the film, music, software, publishing, or fine art industries. Law students will also have the opportunity to work directly with these media students, providing legal advice to those vetted by their particular programs, under the supervision of attorneys.

With joint educational events, such as guest lectures and panel discussions, and social activities conducted in conjunction with both other student organizations at NYU Law as well as these arts programs, we will provide students of these disparate educational backgrounds a venue to engage and learn from one another.

2012-2013 Officers

Ilana Broad & Scott Lipschitz

Vice President
Joe Tevelowitz

Sharon Steinerman






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