The Fourth Annual Law Women Summit

NYU Law Women Presents:

Mandate 2016: Economic Gender Parity through Public Policy

The Fourth Annual Law Women Summit, "Mandate 2016: Economic Gender Parity through Public Policy,” will be held on Thursday, February 18th, 2016. The Summit will be followed immediately by a Student-Alumnae Networking Reception and presentation of the Alumnae of the Year Award. Ms. JD will hold their annual conference on the following day, Friday, February 19th.

As we gear up for the 2016 United States Election, the Summit will address public policy solutions to women’s economic inequality. We will begin with the premise that women face various inequalities in the economic system that prevent them from fully benefiting from America’s economy and from equally contributing to it. Policy makers, legal scholars, and practitioners will address the following issues disproportionately affecting women and propose policy solutions:

  • Higher incidence of poverty at all ages (worsened by a longer life expectancy);
  • Unequal caregiving burdens, especially after separation, divorce, or death of a spouse (which occurs far more frequently to women);
  • Lower labor force participation and remuneration than men, despite greater academic attainment; and
  • Low access to traditional forms of commercial lending.