Law Students for Economic Justice (LawSEJ) provides a community and voice for progressive and radical law students and focuses on organizing within the NYU School of Law environment.  Primarily we:

  • Engage law students in direct service work, policy research, and advocacy to help low- and moderate-income people escape from the oppressive force of debt.  
  • Organize NYU law students to participate in activities of grassroots organizations fighting for economic and social justice; and 
  • Organize events for law students to learn about economic and social justice issues and careers. 


Direct Services

Partner with CLARO (Civil Legal Advice and Resource Office), which provides limited legal advice and referrals to unrepresented debtor-defendants in New York City Civil Courts.  With CLARO, students conduct legal intakes for clients with pending consumer debt cases in the Bronx and Manhattan Civil Courts, and assist lawyers in preparing court documents and referring clients to other services.  


Policy Research & Community Organizing

Collaborate with the New Economy Project and StrikeDebt to engage in policy research and community organizing to promote fairer public policy on debt issues. 


Panel Discussions On Campus

Host panel discussions at NYU Law School to inform students about pressing debt-related issues in New York City and nationwide. Forthcoming panel topics include the ongoing financial repercussions following Hurricane Sandy in low-income communities. 


Skills & Competency Trainings

Sponsor student trainings on Cross-Cultural lawyering and advocacy, to prepare students for careers in community organizations, direct services and government offices.   


            2016 - 2017 Board Members

Andrew Larkin

Hugh Baran

Astha Sharma Pokarel

Farah Alhaddad