Law Republicans

On behalf of our membership, I’d like to thank you for visiting the website of the Law Republicans. I invite you to look over the information available on this site, as well as contact members of the executive board with any further questions.

Although we are a new organization, we are growing rapidly. From the start we were an organization of 15 intrepid souls who set out to create an organization that would diversify the political dialogue of NYU Law. This ambitious goal has not gone unnoticed, as our size has grown to nearly 100 students in the fall. This indication of growth has reinforced our belief that we are fulfilling a dire need at NYU School of Law, and that we are an organization that is here to stay.

Our overarching goals may be lofty, but as we’ve all found, anything worth doing always is. Thus, this year we’ve set about providing a forum for students to gather to share in their political beliefs. In addition to meetings, we’re holding events for the presidential debates, as well as a planned celebration on election night.

Along with this effort is our commitment to providing law students the opportunity to become involved in New York ’s Republican Community. Some of us volunteered at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City . Other members can volunteer their time for campaigns in the city or for other Republican organizations, in particular, the upcoming mayoral election will provide many opportunities for law students.

Finally, we also are striving to provide events that will appeal to students from all political persuasions in hopes of encouraging civil political dialogue on campus. We have already committed to participate in a campus debate prior to the Presidential Election, such as a series of articles on policy issues published in the Commentator. Even more than these student led events, we hope to encourage prominent Republicans to visit NYU Law to give talks on a variety Republican issues.

We’re very excited about the bright future of the Law Republicans. However, we will only be as strong as our membership. If the above paragraphs appeal to you, I invite you to join our list serve, visit at one of our meetings, or attend an event we bring to NYU Law, to make a decision for yourself.

Again, thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our leadership regarding the Law Republicans.