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Who We Are
The Law & Religion Society exists to educate, advocate, and plan debates on the defense of religious freedom, its role in law & public policy, and the promotion of interfaith dialogue among all the religious groups at NYU School of Law.

Our Mission
The Law & Religion Society is dedicated to providing a place for others to hear debates & discussions involving religious liberty and its role in the law & public policy. By advocating all religious legal & policy issues, the Law & Religion Society will strive to promote further dialogue between all religious groups.

The Law & Religion Society (LARS)
The purpose of LARS is to provide education, debate, advocacy, and presentations on the religious/legal/policy arguments for law on a range of social and political issues. Additionally, LARS will provide a network for NYU Law Students to connect in religious freedom advocacy law firms and religious freedom public interest organizations. Finally, LARS will provide a space for intellectual/scholarly discussions on how religion impacts our view of the law.

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