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Japanese Law Sociey (JLS) is an organization focused on Japanese legal system and culture. The purpose of JLS is to encourage NYU Law students to both understand and discuss Japanese legal system and culture, and to address the needs and concerns of NYU Law students who are interested in Japan.

Although NYU Law students coming from Japan are the second largest portion in the international NYU Law LLM student-body in 2013, there has been no Japanese law community at NYU Law. Therefore, Japanese NYU Law students have few opportunities to share their knowledge and experience with JD students and other international LLM students. JLS will familiarize JD students and other international LLM students with Japanese legal system and culture through guest speaker events, luncheon sessions and other events.

JLS will cooperate with Asia Law Society (ALS). JLS will help provide a comprehensive and comparative view on Asian law with ALS.

It cannot be emphasized enough that JLS is not aiming to be an exclusive body in Japanese law community. JLS will consist of non-Japanese JD students and LLM students as well as Japanese students. In the mutually interdependent world, it is essential for legal professionals to understand not only the US law and culture but also Japanese law and culture. We believe that JLS will help the NYU Law community further flourish.


For information geared toward Japanese and other Japan-related NYU Law JD/LLM/other students, prospective students and alumni, please see our NYU LAW JAPAN website.

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Professor Frank K. Upham

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