Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Society

The Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Society (IPELS) of the New York University School of Law is a student-run organization that programs panels, local events, educational and networking opportunities that promote an understanding of entertainment, sports, information, internet, and technology law. We act as a liaison between NYU law students and industry professionals who provide our members with valuable career and academic advice.

Be sure to check our Events page for information about our upcoming panels, speakers, and symposiums.

2014-2015 Board

Florina Yezril,
Shreyas Kale,

Vice President
Kateryna Kuntsevich,

Scott Greene,


Committee Chairs

Emma Trotter,
David Krone,

Daryl Steiger,
Carter Nelson,

Matthew Sumner,
Daniel Stone,

Robert Gianchetti,
Matthew Edwards,



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