Environmental Law Society

Legal Projects


Make a difference as a law student by teaming up with organizations from New York to Germany as we try to influence changes in environmental law. Know a lot? Know a little? Know nothing at all? We are happy to have you! Check out some of the exciting work you could be helping with this semester:

Interested in Climate Change as a Security issue?

The Pacific Islands made a proposal to the Security Council for the appointment of a Special Representative to regularly report to the Security Council on the likely security impacts of climate change. You could help this become a reality by drafting the Terms of Reference for the Special Representative.

Rio+20 Goes Blue!

It's not a sequel to that movie about a cartoon bird, but we're happy to explain the details. The Pacific Islands will be presenting a proposal on the Blue Economy at the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development. They need your help in identifying key countries and agreements that might support their programs. A great project to start out on as it is information that is needed right away!

What's happening in the US?

A lot of important cases are heard in the federal courts every year, but international organizations don't always have the capacity to monitor these important developments. Develop your Westlaw and Lexis skills while doing something other than working on a Lawyering assignment!


Got a different interest? Let us know and we will work to match you with an organization doing work on your issue! For more information, contact Stephanie Jones, Legal Projects Chair, at shj305@nyu.edu.