Deans' Cup

The Deans’ Cup is an annual charity basketball game between the law schools of Columbia University (CLS) and New York University (NYU). First held in 2002, the game raises money for public interest and community service organizations at both universities and is sponsored by many large New York City law firms. A game between faculty members of the two schools is held at halftime. The game is the single largest law school event in the United States, and has raised more than a half million dollars for public interest foundations at the two law schools.

NYU leads the series 9-4. The 2015 edition of the Deans' Cup will be played on March 26th at 8pm at NYU's Coles Sports & Recreation Center. The game will livestreamed at

All tickets must be purchased in advance of the game. If you are interested in purchasing tickets or want more information about this year's game, please contact the Deans' Cup Co-Chairs. Their contact information is listed below.

2014-2015 Officers

Teghan Binnings             Stephanie Spies

Ed Rooker