Cuba Legal Studies Group

The Cuba Legal Studies Group of New York University School of Law was founded in 1995. We are a research and educational group dedicated to studying Cuban society and law.

THE GROUP serves to enrich the quality of our legal education by providing a forum for the expression of seldom-heard views and for a critical analysis of different legal institutions. We believe that it is important for the American legal community to become more educated about the realities of present-day Cuba."

To this end, the group sponsors speakers and films, provides information to the law school community on current legal issues relating to Cuba, and has organized trips to the University of Havana Law School in Cuba when licensing regulations permit.

In addition, our group has created a for-credit academic seminar entitled "Cuban Law & Society," which will be taught by Professors Sylvia Law and Cristina Rodriguez during the Spring 2007 semester. The course aims to equip students with a substantive understanding of Cuban laws, U.S.-Cuba policy, and international legal issues as they pertain to Cuba.