Competition, Public Policy, and Development Society


Welcome to the Competition, Public Policy and Development Society (CPD) of the New York University School of Law. The CPD is a student organization whose creation intends to broaden discussions and debates on competition law, public policy, and development at NYU School of Law.

Through academic conferences, general meetings, social events, among other projects, the CPD Society will seek to spread competition culture and create an international network for academic and professional exchange for students, alumni, faculty members and public officials.




2012 - 2013 Officers


Jose Antonio Ziebarth
CIIL LL.M. Class of 2013

Cindy Hu
CIIL LL.M. Class of 2013

Communications Director
Maria Antonieta Merino
Traditional LL.M. Class of 2013

Social Affairs Director
Brian Hauser
CIIL LL.M. Class of 2013

LL.M. Liason Officer
Hendrik van Echten
CIIL LL.M. Class of 2013

Jonas Hein
CIIL LL.M. Class of 2013

Finance Director
Adam Shamah
J.D. Class of 2014

Academic Affairs Director
Alexander Valerievich Egorushkin
CIIL LL.M. Class of 2013

2L Liason Officer
Tracy Huang
J.D. Class of 2014