Mari Matsuda, Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, came in the fall as the guest lecturer for the Annual Derrick Bell Lecture. Angelica Jongco set up a special meeting for APALSA and interested students with Professor Matsuda and Dean Revesz. Professor Matsuda's enthusiasm for both her work as well as for APALSA was an inspiration to APALSA students. Also, thanks to Kelvin Chen and Nerissa Kunakemakorn, we're looking forward to our Annual Korematsu Lecture in April with guest lecturer Leti Volpp, Professor of Law at American University.

Outreach Committee

Our Outreach Committee has been particularly focused on volunteerism and community service events this year. Deborah Im and James Jantarasami, chairs of the Outreach Committee, organized APALSA representation at the Walk for Breast Cancer this fall, raising over $170 for the cause. They also got APALSA students to join with PubliColor to beautify MLK, Jr. High School. Coordinating with Jenny Lee, they also helped to publicize the work that Patches of Love, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide orphans in S.Korea with a sense of home, possibility, hope, and warmth, and to send donated patches for quilts to the orphans in Korea. One of the Outreach Committee's goals at the beginning of the year was to create an information guide/binder with volunteer and internship opportunities that might be of special interest to the Asian American community at NYU School of Law. Outreach is currently in the process of researching and contacting local organizations. They hope to broaden their outreach mission next year, working with the South Asian Law Students Association to co-sponsor a symposium in Fall 2003, and with the Black Allied Law Students Association to present a panel with Judges of Color.

Professional/Curriculum Development Committee

The Professional/Curriculum Development Committee, under the leadership of Jen Wu, Jonathan Park and Priscilla Ng, has continued to help law students find their sea legs at school and their wings for afterwards. Among the inspirational brown bag lunches were speakers Don Kao, from Project Reach, Glenn Magpantay from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) and Preeta Bansal, a Visiting Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Nebraska College of Law. We also attended a play "At a Plank Bridge" by Kannan Menon, a lawyer who writes plays in his spare time.

In addition, we have had firms approach us and sponsor receptions for APALSA members. The all ALSA clerkship meeting was also immensely helpful and we are proud that the representation on the panel by Merry Jean Chan, Evelyn Sung and TJ Tu can be inspirational to both APALSA members as well as other minority students. In addition to the professional development opportunities, the outline drives continue to be a source of support for our 1Ls and even upperclassmen.

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee, led by Peter Hyun and Eric Lee, has done a great job of acting as a liaison with the Admissions Office. Students have been busy contacting Asian American Admits, leading tours, sending out literature to Admits, hosting student visitors, and serving on panels. Some 3Ls have even gotten involved with reading applications.

Asian American Jurisprudence

The Asian American Jurisprudence class has really taken off this year under the leadership of Ming Hsu Chen, Kwang-Chien Ger and Angelica Jongco. They have many excellent guests every week such as Professor Gary Okihiro, Professor Mike Wishnie and Professor Nancy Morewetz of the Immigrant Rights Clinic, Jennifer Lee from Sanctuary for Families and City Councilman John Liu. Every year, we are getting closer to hiring a professor to teach the class, but in the meantime, the format has generated great classes. The efforts of AAJ and CoLR are instrumental to NYU School of Law's development of a diverse faculty.

We have continued to make connections with our alumni through BLAPA, at the Fall Reception, through their mentorship program and at the Annual Spring Banquet. We hope that our 3Ls will find and serve as great mentors when they find their way into the working legal community after May. In April, we toasted and roasted our 3Ls at the 3L appreciation dinner as they prepare to take on the world.