Center for Multicultural Education and Programming
The Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP) carries on and enhances the tradition of its predecessor, the Office for African American, Latino, and Asian American Student Services (OASIS), created in 1988 in response to the expressed needs of students of color for more University administrative support and commitment. Our new name connotes an enhanced, expanded role in which the Center will work more closely and collaboratively with the schools of NYU, the Provost’s Office, and other administrative areas to support an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students.

Center for Spiritual Life
The Center for Spiritual Life includes chaplains, educators, and international leaders from over forty faith traditions committed to furthering students’ ability to find their spiritual home at NYU. They connect students to relevant clubs and organizations within the University and around the world, develop new academic opportunities, facilitate innovative Faith Zone trainings for the NYU community, and host mindfulness-focused programs throughout the year. Meditation rooms are available..

Commuter Student Services
Commuter Student Services at the Student Resource Center supports students with programs and services specifically designed for commuters.

Fitness Facilities
404 Fitness: Located on Lafayette Street between East 4th Street and Astor Place in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, the 404 Fitness Athletic Facility will serve the University community with a wide range of cardio and strength equipment, as well as a limited offering of recreational programs.
Some of the highlights of this three-floor athletic facility will include multi-floor cardio & aerobic fitness and strength areas which feature new stair steppers, treadmills and elliptical machines. In addition, new bicycles complete with personal TV consoles with audio and video connections will allow patrons to plug in their own headphones to listen to music or watch streamed-in content.  The facility will also include a lounge area, locker rooms complete with free daily issue and rental lockers, a membership office, dance and spin room, yoga room, and stretch areas.

Palladium Athletic Facility: Located on East 14th Street near Union Square, the Palladium Athletic Facility (PAF) is the latest in cutting edge sports complexes designed to feel like a private health club. Boasting a hydrodynamically designed, L-shaped, deep-water pool, perfect for anything from swimming laps to varsity-level competition in swimming, diving, and water polo, the Palladium is sure to wow even the hardened New York City sports-club-goer. The lounge area, which overlooks both the pool and the main gym area, has a LCD TV, a snack bar that features nutritional fare, and a pro shop that sells NYU athletic merchandise. One can choose to lounge in perfect comfort or venture into the more challenging parts of the complex that contain state-of-the-art machines and weights. 
The main gym can be used for either volleyball or basketball. As a regulation-sized basketball court housing six baskets, it is suitable for both half- and full-court play. The auxiliary gym is outfitted with rowing machines, and progressive fitness equipment, such as exercise balls and body bars, making it the perfect haven for recreation classes.

LGBT Student Services
The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Services at New York University exists to create campus environments that are inclusive and supportive of student diversity in the areas of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

McGhee offers courses geared towards adults, whether you would like to imporve a skill or learn something new, Mcghee will have courses to fit your need.

Office of Global Services (OGS)
OGS provides comprehensive support and advisory services for NYU's international students, scholars, and their dependents, including a breakfast event, English language program, and the International Spouses/Partners Group.

Office of Community Service
NYU volunteers serve the NYU community in a variety of ways, including tutoring, visits to senior citizens, painting public schools, and conducting clothing and food drives.

Office of Student Activities
The Office of Student Activities (OSA) provides comprehensive programs, activities and services that enhance the student experience, support student organizations, encourage active citizenship, develop student leaders and create community.

School of Professional Studies
SPS captures the interests of those starting a new career, advancing an existing one, or exploring the arts and culture, with non-degree courses, adult education, and undergraduate degrees for adults.

Student Resource Center
It can be a struggle trying to be a parent and a student at the same time, and the Student Resource Center provides resources that may be helpful as you balance both of these roles, including the Childcare Subsidy and Referral Program and the Students with Children Club.

The Writing Center
The Writing Center is a place where any NYU student can get help with their writing. The Writing Center is a part of NYU's Expository Writing Program in the College of Arts and Science. It is a place where one-on-one teaching and learning occur, as students work closely with professional consultants at every stage of the writing process and on any piece of writing except for exams.

Ticket Central 
Ticket Central is your destination to access tickets to the movies, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, sporting events, musical concerts and more, all at a reduced price.